Trolls Attack ‘Sonic’, Hedgehog Gets Plastic Surgery and Braces?!

Trolls Attack ‘Sonic’, Hedgehog Gets Plastic Surgery and Braces?!

There was going to be a day like this.

A day of sunshine when movie trailers are being broadcast across all forms of social media and movie production houses expecting a few hashtags and trends to blossom as a result of their hard work.

Only, the Internet is full of rabid trolls who need to be neutered. And when one hair is out of place of their character du jour, they attack like zombies on a human buffet.

Speaking of “hair out of place,” anyone seen the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer? 

Yeah, about that. Zombies were waiting and the makers of Sonic were scared.

Jeff Fowler, director of the future beleaguered live-adaptation/CG fest, was pelted with vitriolic tweets. Apparently, Twitter is now in the movie production business.

You see, there’s this thing called “ticket sales.” Evidently, trolls have informed Paramount Pictures tickets will not be sold to a blue hybrid of a Pomeranian, Beaver, and Mickey Mouse’s special cousin twice-removed.

Among all the things trolls have chosen to debate on the relatively innocuous movie is teeth. Would a hedgehog have human teeth? This was a newsworthy thing that inspired Vulture to interview a real-life veterinarian to inquire about dental realism.

Lastly, someone didn’t miss leg day, but really should have. Just Twitter search “Sonic Legs” and see what you get. To that end, a gifted artist–and obvious fan of the Sega game–put some talent to his thoughts and may have just got himself a job at Paramount, since no one there seems to understand how to draw.

Much better. Should be a good movie, no? We will see come November 8.


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