The Star Wars Collectible in the Highest Demand Is…

The Star Wars Collectible in the Highest Demand Is…

Ahsoka Tano?!

If you have noted the calendar, it’s #MayThe4th, which means Star Wars nerds are rocking the cosplay and surrounding themselves in binged videos and action figures still ensconced in the original packaging.

What a day to revel, right?

So, do you have what is the hottest and most valuable collectible in the galaxy? According to a report from, the absolute champion of collectibles is Anakin’s young Padawan and the preeminent hero of the Clone Wars.

The main reason is her rising popularity in the animated series, which reprises on Disney+ for a 7th season.

”[Dave Filoni’s] scripts are really good and he really embraced the Ahsoka character,” Dev Gilmore, director of design and development at from Diamond Select Toys, said. “I mean, when you talk about all the people he placed her with — Yoda and Anakin and later with Darth Vader — that’s a pretty incredible journey. And ‘Star Wars’ is so much about a journey. She’s a character that we can all grow up with and that’s exactly why fans have responded so well to her.”

Sure, she left the Jedi order but she’s cashing in on her following, so we’d say the Force is still strong with this one. And to prove, look no farther than the Diamond Select Toys website where her impressions are as scarce as remnants of the Death Star (twice).

“We put it up on our website not really expecting an incredible response,” Gilmore said. “We just thought ‘Well, we like this character. This character is cool to us,’ and most of what we make we make it because it’s cool to us. We sold out of 750 pieces within one hour and we had no idea that was going to happen.”

at bust

We know the Mandalorian is coming to Disney+. And when D.B. Weiss and Davd Benioff making TV history, they are making a Star Wars trilogy 10,000 years in the past. Maybe we can convince Rian Johnson to bring this badass Jedi to life?

She already has four Funkos and a countless array of merch. Maybe to up her ante, there is an appointment for the big screen in her future. If Disney and LucasFilm has proven anything in this world, it’s they know full well how to capitalize on marketing.

The 501st and Ahsoka comes to Disney+ on November 12.


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