What To Expect From The Loki Series

What To Expect From The Loki Series

Before we start, I would like to inform you even the omniscient Anthony & Joe Russo have stated it is okay to start posting Avengers Endgame Spoilers Now!

So before you proceed through this article proceed with extreme caution, as there (now unashamed) are spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned.

Ever since Loki’s first appearance in Thor (2011) and his appearances throughout the MCU in films like The Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok, even in Thor: The Dark World, Loki has become our favorite mischievous elf.

Despite him continuously backstabbing his brother Thor, toying with our trust, trying to take over earth, faking his own death, and killing Agent Coulson, he still has a soft spot in our hearts. But with his upcoming TV show on Disney+, I think we are going to start to like Loki even more than we already do.

Even though Avengers: Endgame left us with so many questions about where the MCU will go in the future, it gave us a great idea what will happen in the Loki series.

Loki’s Dead?

loki deadWe know Loki’s life was sadly taken in the opening scene of Infinity War, so prior to Endgame we had no clue where the Loki series would take us. Even though we have seen Loki fake his death before in the MCU, the one at the hands of Thanos looked pretty convincing.

Thankfully for the Avengers’ ultimate plan to reverse the snap and to bring back everyone who was dusted, we now know how Loki returns from the dead (nope he isn’t a zombie, but imagine how cool that would be).

When The Avengers were going back in time to gather the different stones from various locations in the second act of Endgame, they took a trip down memory lane to 2012 to the Battle of New York. The plan was once they captured Loki, they could get a hold of the Tesseract.

One small problem: in the struggle to get it back, we see Captain America fight himself and almost re-live the epic elevator scene from The Winter Soldier, Loki obtains the Tesseract again and travels out of captivity.

Loki Picks Up Where the Portal Leftmaxresdefault

It seems the Loki TV series on Disney+ will follow Loki through his mischievous adventures with the stolen Tesseract. What we know about the show is that we are going to follow Loki through human history as he tries to change different events for his favor.

Based on that brief synopsis, and what we know post-Endgame how he obtained the Tesseract, we can see his teleportation will benefit his quest. Oh, and Tony Stark just invented time travel. It is pretty safe to say the God Of Mischief will be back on his normal adventures wreaking havoc on the galaxy.

Will he be the same?

When we see Loki come back, we see “2012 Loki” — the same one who wanted to destroy earth, kill his brother, and destroy the Avengers. This wasn’t the Loki that helped his brother defeat the Dark Elves, escape Sakaar, and sacrifice himself for his brother.

From what we know about Endgame’s time travel, even though the past self comes back, it stays in your past and doesn’t remember anything else. Much like we saw “2012 Gamora” at the end of the movie, she doesn’t remember the Guardians of The Galaxy or her love for Quill.

To answer the question: Who knows? Right now, he is the evil Loki, out for blood and vengeance, with no recollection of turning good, even for a minute.

Loki’s Here

That’s all we know now. He’s here. In what condition? We don’t know.

Endgame gave us a way to introduce Loki without having plot holes in his story as one of the greatest villains we have ever seen. To get old Loki back teleporting through time altering events, whether they be huge historical changes or small little changes, will be so cool to see. By going back in time, we have chances to see other Marvel characters not really seen yet. Who knows, maybe he will go all the way back to WWII and see Peggy Carter (with or without Steve Rogers)?

The one thing we can all agree on is Tom Hiddleston is amazing as Loki. We are finally getting to see him front-and-center, which means the possibilities of him in this role are endless.

When the Loki series rolls around, it will be a new stepping stone for Marvel. Disney+ allows us to view “the little guys,” the minor characters in the MCU and integrate their TV shows and movies together like we have always wanted. Will the series work out? Will it altar events in the Marvel Universe?

Only the minds of Disney+ knows. Stay tuned until November 2019.


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