Roland Emmerich Sets Apocalyptic Sights on ‘Moonfall’

Roland Emmerich Sets Apocalyptic Sights on ‘Moonfall’

In Hollywood, there are a few cardinal rules. One of them is “If you are Roland Emmerich, you blow everything up (even the script).” Let’s put it this way: When Michael Bay is feeling romantic and wants to get lathered up in emotion, he thinks of this guy.

So, when word comes out about another Roland Emmerich film, count on something that involves total global destruction. According to THR, he is getting $150 million to go back to space for a science fiction movie called Moonfall.

Remember the note about scripts being torched in the wreckage of his cutting room floor? How’s this for a world-ender made for this guy:

The project imagines a disaster in which a mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit, sending it on a collision course towards Earth. With little time to spare, a ragtag team launches a last-ditch mission to the moon, hoping to solve the mystery and save Earth from annihilation.

The moon falls out of orbit and heads toward Earth causing epic damage. Think Armageddon, only without the interest. Now, give Emmerich his credit, visually, his movies sell:

Independence Day

independence day.jpg



The Day After Tomorrow

day after tomorrow

In summary, Earth tragedy porn is coming and a lunar eclipse is coming our way. People will die. Things will blow up in (tentatively) Q1 2020. God bless ‘Murica.


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