A-List | 5 Fox-Owned Marvel Characters We Want to See in The MCU

A-List | 5 Fox-Owned Marvel Characters We Want to See in The MCU

With 20th Century Fox now owned by Disney, fans of Marvel are looking forward to seeing their favorite characters return home and mingle with all of the other characters. You know, the ones that never left Marvel are were heisted by another company to make mediocre movies. 

From Johnny Storm to Scott Summers, there are tons of characters who can now be incorporated into the MCU. In this article, let’s delve into the top five characters that would make the biggest splash with their MCU debut. 

Anyone can dig into the obvious stuff (with the exception of number one below), so this list digs into some of the Marvel iconic characters you may not be thinking… 

5. Super-Skrull

img_5822-1With Captain Marvel introducing Skrulls into the MCU, Super Skrull would be an awesome character to see. While the Skrulls in that movie were (surprisingly) peaceful, not all Skrulls are like that. In fact, not at all. Talos said that there are Skrulls all across the universe, scattered around. So who’s to say there isn’t a group of angry, bitter Skrulls who only want to invade and conquer.

Ever since 1962 in the comics, they have been wreaking havoc on many of our favorite superheroes. Surely, there is room for Super-Skrull to come in and be as ruthless as we were made to believe he is. 

(And who caused the fall of the Skrulls? We’ll get to him later.) 

Who better to lead them than Super-Skrull himself? Known by the name Kl’rt, he not only possesses the ability to shapeshift (like all Skrulls), but also possesses super strength and speed, he can fly, and even turn invisible. Imagine the Super-Skrull leading a faction of rebellious Skrulls on a mission to invade and conquer earth only to run into Earth’s mightiest heroes aided by Talos and their Skrull allies! That’s a movie to see. 

4. Iceman


A fairly popular X-Men character, we have seen Iceman show up in past X-Men films like X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Those films, with the exception of the beginning action sequence in DoFP, barely scratched the surface of his abilities.

Iceman could be an interesting addition to the MCU. His powers are really cool (pun intended) and could be fun to see adapted correctly on screen. His character also fits perfectly into what Marvel is trying to do with establishing more diversity in their universe.

In recent runs in Marvel’s comics, Bobby Drake came out to the X-Men as being gay. And although the first openly gay superhero in a MCU movie will be an ‘Eternal,’ Bobby Drake could come out of the closet and into a movie very soon thereafter. 

3. Rogue

rogueAnother popular X-Men character, Rogue has also appeared in past X-Men films. Her character was actually quite prominent in the initial X-Men trilogy. However, not much (if any) of her character has been seen since that initial trilogy.

Rogue is a very interesting character who hasn’t been provided the justice she deserves. The previous X-Men films nailed her ability to absorb other people’s powers/life forces, but there is so much more to her than that. Anne Marie’s mutant powers are far more complex than that and should be given a spotlight. 

She actually gained some of her powers by absorbing them from Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Seeing as the MCU already has their version of Captain Marvel, could we see them go that route when/if they introduce Rogue? She actually ended up fighting her, the X-Men, and the Avengers, so there’s that possibility as well. 

2. Galactus

img_2786Remember “they guy who caused the downfall of the Skrulls”? That would be this guy.

This would be a top choice to replace Thanos as the arch-villain of the MCU. Replacing Thanos is going to be an extremely daunting task as not many villains are as ruthless, complex, and intimidating as he is. This Disney-Fox deal could not have came at a more perfect time for Marvel and Disney. It just so happens Fox owned one of the only villains possibly up for the challenge.

Galactus has this interesting hobby where he likes to eat planets. Yes, he eats them. While eating the Earth doesn’t appear to be equal to half the universe being “snapped” from existence, there are not many events that could actually top what Thanos did in scale. Fans have been clamoring for another adaptation of the enormous planet eater for awhile now. It’s very likely we see Galactus pop up in the MCU at some point and total devastation will follow (unlike what happened in Rise of the Silver Surfer).

1. The Fantastic Four

img_5828Okay, I know I said I was going to avoid the obvious characters, and this is kind of a four for one, but I really want to see the Fantastic Four done right. Who doesn’t?

We have yet to get the perfect representation of these characters. They deserve better than what they’ve gotten up to this point. I am beyond confident that Marvel Studios will give us a perfect Fantastic Four film. More importantly, we will finally get a perfect Dr. Doom

The Fantastic Four belonged in the MCU from day one because they are crucial to many storylines in the comics. Additionally, they have long histories with many of the MCU heroes.

For example, Spider-Man in the MCU would also be a great way to finally show their relationship to the wall-crawler. With the MCU going through some enormous changes post-Endgame, this is the perfect time to bring in Marvel’s First Family.



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