MoviesMatrixMadness | Top 32 Sci-Fi Rivalries

MoviesMatrixMadness | Top 32 Sci-Fi Rivalries

Now that was fun. Two big brackets down. Did your favorite CBM or film franchise win? How did your bracket get busted? Before you prepare to share, we have one here that is certain to cause some nerd angst flowing.

spy-vs-spyThink about your favorite CBM, fantasy, or other rivalry in the galaxy. The classic “Good Guy v. Bad Guy” scenario. Ever since kids wanted to play “Cops and Robbers” or the now less-PC version “Cowboys and Indians” down the street, rivalries have always been a fixture of imagination.

Every good needs an evil. It’s a balancing act. It’s the circle of life. And it really makes for a great movie, otherwise, it’s a bunch of CGI people sitting around selling Girl Scout cookies and singing Kumbaya.

Who the hell wants to see that movie?!

Here comes the next big bracket in #MoviesMatrixMadness…

The Top 32 Science Fiction Rivalries of All Time

We are not talking brand versus brand (i.e., Marvel vs. DC, Wars vs. Trek, GoT vs. LOTR). We just did that one (and MCU won easily).

This is all about the dynamic between two forces of nature in the same space. Think about your favorite–whoever that is. They bring each other through the story. They cause the friction throughout the franchise it needs.

For lack of a better term, it’s one saying to the other…

you complete me

Remember, this isn’t just about cool factor. We consider box office success, visual appeal, characterization, canon, score, storytelling, and direction.

Now that we are good, here are your regions.




Think about age-old rivalries. For decades (and across a few spoiled movies and comics), these rivalries have stood the test of time. Creatures to people, beings to forces of nature, this is one heated region.

1. Batman/Joker vs. 8. Spawn/Violator

3. Venom/Carnage vs. 6. Iron Man/Mandarin

4. Justice League/Darkseid vs. 5. Avengers/Ultron

2. Fantastic Four/Dr. Doom vs. 7. Wolverine/Cyclops




There are some classics, the blue bloods in this region. Some come from highfalutin areas because they have always been notable. Others came on strong lately because of some entertainment factor. Maybe they are social media influencers? Whatever the case, they make this a region of unpredictability.

1. Superman/Luthor vs. 8. Kylo Ren/Rey

3. Captain America/Red Skull vs. 6. Neo/Agent Smith

4. Wolverine/Sabertooth vs. 5. Optimus Prime/Megatron

2. Thor/Loki vs. 7. TMNT/Shredder




This region takes places in the cosmos. Many of these rivalries have surrounded phasers and sabers, spells and the ninth circle of hell. Probably the most competitive of regions among the four, we hope to see some great results and fights here.

1. Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader vs. 8. Flash/Rogues

3. Harry Potter/Voldemort vs. 6. Daredevil vs. Punisher

4. Aquaman/Black Manta vs. 5. Gandalf/Saruman

2. Spider Man/Doctor Octopus vs. 7. Captain Kirk/Khan


Mirror Universe

space reflectionThere’s a reason for this region name — duplicates. When have historic franchises in the mix, odds are one hero is going to have more than person out to get him or her. Double the villains, double the trouble…when it comes to voting. Think about all the requirements for qualifying this hunt when you cast your vote.

1. Spider-Man/Green Goblin vs. 8. Namor/Altuna

3. Professor X/Magneto vs. 6. Green Lantern/Sinestro

4. Daredevil/Kingpin vs. 5. Shazam/Black Adam

2. Avengers/Thanos vs. 7. Batman/Superman


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