5 PlayStation Games We Need To See Made Into Movies

5 PlayStation Games We Need To See Made Into Movies

This goes without saying but Sony’s PlayStation is one of the biggest names in the gaming genre, if not, the biggest.

They have been around since 1994 with the release of its first-ever gaming console, PlayStation. There have been three new editions since, including the highest-selling console ever, PlayStation 2. In that span, Sony has released stellar PS-only games like Crash Bandicoot, God Of War, and The Last Of Us–all have been some of PlayStation’s biggest selling games.

Now Sony and PlayStation are trying to tackle a new beast in itself with the upcoming release of PS5 — they have announced PlayStation Productions, a new movie studio that will turn some of Sony’s own titles into blockbusters for the world to see (finally).

We are getting a franchise that will merge our love for video games and our passion for cinema and focus on the fans instead of big money (of course, they want that too). Sony has hundreds of games at their disposal, but here are five of the top I believe will make cinematic gaming masterpieces.

(NOTE: We will be leaving out Spider-Man because Sony doesn’t have the rights for that character. Also, leaving out The Witcher, which is in development over at Netflix)


5. Until Dawn


Until Dawn might be an unexpected one to this list, but it would also be the most ambitious and well crafted movies Sony could launch. Until Dawn was one of the first “choose your own adventure” games where your actions would affect the outcome of the story.  That could set up this film as a smash hit for PlayStation Productions … and a horror movie to boot.

This game has some significant names in Hollywood in it, names like Hayden Panettiere, Oscar Winner Rami Malek, and Agents of Shield star Brett Dalton. They could come back to reprise their roles as these amazing characters and could be a great first step in showing us PlayStation has what it takes to compete in the movie business.

With the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Sony could go that route again with the choose your own adventure movie and give us a new bone chilling journey. If they follow the source, they could easily have one of the best and scariest horror movies on their hands.


4. Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most beautiful and cinematic gaming experiences I have ever witnessed. This PS-only experience from 2017 had beautiful graphics, impressive dialogue, and a nice soundtrack.

From the different tribes characterization and history to each to the main and side characters and their backstories, Horizon would be an impressive film. It could follow in the footsteps of Avatar with gorgeous CGI and beautiful scenery.

Think about it: Up to 60 hours of gameplay and DLC would create plenty of source material to draw from in Horizon. Not only could it focus on the main character Aloy, but the supporting cast have interesting backstories as well. It would be a no-brainier to make a Horizon movie and possibly a great cinematic franchise.


3. Uncharted


This movie has been speculated for many years with numerous actors rumored to play the iconic role of Nathan Drake. Yet, still no movie. What better time to follow one of the best and most bad-ass gaming characters ever created than now?

Uncharted has become one of the most successful game franchises ever, with Uncharted 4 drawing in the highest ratings and praise of the franchise ever. Why wouldn’t Uncharted be one of the best movies to see on the big screen? There are four games of stories to choose from and an additional expansion “The Lost Legacy” follows different characters than Nathan Drake.

Nathan Drake as the main protagonist would easily rival the names such as Indiana Jones and Lara Croft as the best explorer out there. (And not for nothing, but there may be a great leading role waiting for Bradley Cooper.) Regardless, we are sure to have a classic on our hands.


2. The Last Of Us


I don’t think there is any need to introduce this beauty of a game, unless you have been living under a rock. The Last Of Us is one of the most beautiful, stunning, charming, and best games I have ever played. I am pretty sure millions of others gamers can agree with me.

The Last Of Us follows Joel and Ellie as they take on the harsh nature of the post-apocalyptic world and fend off zombies. It tells a beautiful, heartwarming story that is covered by zombie guts and brains. This is a great coming-of-age story and puts the most unlikely duo together to take on this crazy world together.

If they don’t make this into a movie, I don’t know why PlayStation Productions was created. The Last Of Us was built to be a cinematic masterpiece. With the demand for horror and zombie movies right now, this is a perfect time to introduce the world to this game.

The Last Of Us can become a beautiful franchise that gamers and movie buffs alike can enjoy. If anyone from PS Productions happens to read this, if The Last Of Us isn’t a movie on docket, then you guys aren’t doing it right. Mark my words: They are.


1. God Of War


Never in the history of gaming has something been destined for a cinematic experience than God Of War. This game is the best — an emotional story, amazing cinematography, great dialogue, and the best gaming soundtrack to ever exist.

The God Of War franchise has revolutionized the gaming industry with amazing story telling, beautiful action sequences, and an overall different approach to gaming. God Of War 2018 alone deserves to be seen or played because it is revolutionary to the gaming genre and can do the same to for the movie world as well.

God Of War follows Kratos as he takes on Greek & Norse mythology in this action-packed and heartfelt world of Midgard. Following him and his son, Atreius, this trek ventures through different worlds as they fend off monsters and mythological creatures. Yet, the main journey is to spread his wife’s ashes at the highest points in all the realms.

We watch the boy become a man. The man become a parent. And both understand how to fight for live and for what they believe in. The amount of content God Of War delivers is insane. The world we see in the game is beautiful and already looks like something seen on the big screen.

As a film, God Of War (2018) could rival the likes of the fantasy giants such as Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter and even Game Of Thrones. Whether they make it a movie or even a TV Series (with a high budget), God Of War could be the biggest fantasy masterpiece we have ever seen.

We, as a gaming and movie community, are in dire need of a good adaptions, as we have previously discussed with Destiny. No matter the games Sony’s PlayStation Productions decide to make into movies, we are sure to get some great content, but if they choose to make any of these five movies, we might see some of the biggest action or fantasy movies we’ve had in a while. I am all in for PlayStation Productions.



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