A-List | 5 Directors Perfect for The Fantastic Four

A-List | 5 Directors Perfect for The Fantastic Four

We have received a lot of breaking reports recently regarding a certain super-powered family that has finally come home…That’s right, the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s first family, are coming in the fray of the MCU and, excuse my language, it’s about damn time!

It’s been rumored lately that Peyton Reed was a candidate to helm the film that’s rumored to release in 2022. However, no other names have been leaked, teased or announced as of yet. That got me thinking…who else could give us a good Fantastic Four story? I think I’ve come up with some good ones, see for yourself!


Reed’s name has been popping up frequently as of late in regards to helming the MCU’s first Fantastic Four film. Awhile back, Reed pitched Marvel on his take for the Fantastic Four but was ultimately turned down. After Edgar Wright and Marvel split ways due to creative differences, Reed was brought on to direct Ant-Man and its’ sequel, Ant-Man & The Wasp. It sounds like Reed still wants to try his hand at Marvel’s first family though.

We’ve seen in the Ant-Man films that Reed can balance action and humor perfectly, but the main theme for a Fantastic Four film will be family. Those moments between Scott Lang and his daughter were handled beautifully by Reed in the Ant-Man films. Reed is masterful at handling those dramatic familial scenes with tenderness and emotion, something that could help him give us a very emotional and family driven Fantastic Four film.


Matthew Vaughn is a name that most people want to see associated with Superman, Man of Steel 2 to be specific. However, since it appears that Man of Steel 2 is still a long way off from even being announced (unfortunately), Vaughn doesn’t have to just sit around and wait. He is definitely an in-demand name right now after a string of successful films including two films in his Kingsman franchise and another two films in his Kick-Ass film series.

Vaughn has a very unique directing style and even more so, a very unique brand of action. There’s a high usage of slo-mo and POV shots. The slo-mo scenes are beautifully done and the transition from real time speed to slo-mo is flawless. Vaughn also knows how to tell a story. Both Kick-Ass and Kingsman gave us likable and relatable lead characters that the audience could grow with and root for, and both films also had quality and coherent storylines. If DC is going to continue ruining their universe then Marvel should jump the gun and make Vaughan an offer!


Lord & Miller would be almost like a match made in heaven in regards to helming the Fantastic Four film(s). Again, the Fantastic Four films will always center around the familial aspect of the team, but the films will also include numerous inventive action sequences showcasing the teams chemistry & individual powers, and of course humor! It is a Marvel film afterall!

Humor is definitely going to be the area that Lord & Miller excel in. They have had numerous films come out over the past 5-6 years that have all been absolutely hilarious and (for the most part) critically acclaimed. They have directed films like the first Lego Movie, 21 & 22 Jump Street, and they did receive co-director credit for Solo: A Star Wars Story. On top of that they also served as writers/producers on films like the Lego Movie 2, The Lego Batman Movie, and the Oscar winning Into the Spiderverse. These guys have the perfect background and skill set to give us the Fantastic Four film we deserve!


Is this bridge burned for good? The bridge between Wright and Marvel that is, after the two parted ways on the first Ant-Man film due to creative differences, or is there a possibility of this bridge being repaired in the near future? With the Fantastic Four film rumored to not hit theaters until 2022, I’d say Marvel has some time to start apologizing to this man. Wright would be a very out of the box choice to direct the Fantastic Four but he would also give us a very fresh and unique take on the superhero genre.

Wright has a very interesting voice when it comes to his films. His resume includes films such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Those films, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, really showcase Wright’s knack for witty, dry humor. It’s not your average in-your-face brand of humor that you see a lot of comedy films employ. Multiple, unique styles of humor is kind of Marvel’s bread and butter afterall.

However, the most important film Wright has to his name that solidified his case to lead this film is, Scott Pilgrim vs the World. That film proves that Wright can thrive in the comic book world and he knows how to adapt & remain faithful to source material, all while making sure to add his own unique flare & style to the story.


Lastly on the list, but certainly not least, is one Mr. Brad Bird. Why is Bird on this list you ask? Well, because Mr. Bird essentially already has directed a Fantastic Four film in Pixar’s The Incredibles. The characters might be different ages and have different powers, and there’s no shape shifting baby with unlimited powers in Fantastic Four, but the Incredibles is all about family. It’s a family movie that just happens to have superheroes.

Having directed not one, but two Incredibles films, Bird has the concept of super-powered family down to a T, making him a perfect candidate to lead Marvel’s First Family in their first foray into the MCU. In the Incredibles, Bird perfectly balance the drama of everyday family life with the stress and dangers of being a hero. Bird also directed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol back in 2011. Between The Incredibles films and his adventure in the world of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, Bird has also show himself to be more than capable of delivering in action heavy films.


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