What We Know About ‘Far From Home’ (And How Far We’re Going)

What We Know About ‘Far From Home’ (And How Far We’re Going)

The new trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home have released and they are amazing. However, it is filled with spoilers for Avengers: Endgame…just like this article. 

(That’s being nice. If you haven’t seen it yet, seriously, what’s the problem?!)

What is the Multiverse?

The Multiverse is a set of Infinite possibilities and different universes that make up space and time.

The biggest thing we got out of the trailer was the addition of the Multiverse into the MCU. We have seen references of it before in Doctor Strange but this is a deep dive. In the trailer, we learn Mysterio is from the famous multiverse that Marvel has been hinting at for years.

Basically, we have different universes, and when ‘the Snap’ happened (we don’t know which snap), the Multiverse opens up. This is how Mysterio (a.k.a. Quentin Beck) gets to Nick Fury and Peter Parker. An example of the multiverse would be Captain America going back in time to live his life with Peggy Carter. Traveling back to be with here could have also created a new timeline in the multiverse.

Mysterio’s Comic Origin


Mysterio may be one of the most complex villains out there, and is one of Spidey’s most well-known foes. He has been hunting Spidey down since 1964 and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Before Quentin Beck became Mysterio, he worked as a special-effects artist in Hollywood and his life goal was to become famous. When he realized he wasn’t getting the recognition he deserved, he resorted to doing the one thing he knew could make him famous–take out Spider-Man.

Here’s the catch from what appears different from Far From Home: In the comics, Mysterio doesn’t have actual superpowers. His only “power” is his brain and the ability to create technologically advanced contraptions. (Hmmm. There is a “stark” similarity with someone we know, huh?)

The Sinister Six


Mysterio is also a part of the Sinister Six, one of the baddest super villain groups in all of comics. Team is usually made up of Doc Ock, Kraven The Hunter, Sandman, Vulture, Scorpion, and Mysterio in the comics, but has gone through numerous variations over the years.

With the introduction of Mysterio, and the previous Spider-Man: Homecoming villain, Vultureit is looking like we might be seeing a Sinister Six movie or at the very least see them take the lead as the main threat in Spider-Man 3.

We also saw a brief glimpse of Scorpion in Homecoming so as of now three of the original six are already introduced in the MCU. It definitely feels like Marvel is trying to build their version of the Sinister Six. Fingers crossed, we get to see them in the future!

What To Expect


From the look of the trailers, it seems we will get a more friendly and welcoming Mysterio, unlike his comic counterpart. We find him sitting down, enjoying a drink with Peter, and teaming up with him to save the world?!

There are only two possibilities to Mr. Beck’s drastic change from the source material:

1. We could be seeing that he is from the multiverse (as he says in the trailer) and in the universe this Quentin Beck is from he is actually … good. Marvel doesn’t shy away from playing around with the source material. (Skrulls anyone?)

2. Mysterio is using his acting abilities to pretend and deceive. We know from the comics that Quentin is very skillful with acting, and the art of deception so he could be staging this whole Elementals thing.

In the end, odds are we will be seeing a Mysterio vs. Spider-Man standoff straight from the comics that will bring out the nerd in all of us. Whether it’s Gyllenhaal and Holland teaming up or squaring up, seeing those two on screen together is enough to get our nerd senses tingling.

Who Are The Elementals?


As of right now, with Mysterio’s agenda being up in the air, the main villains in the film from are The Elementals. They are some of the most powerful beings that the earth has ever encountered who came from the multiverse, as they were cast out of their own universe, and arrived in MCU’s universe and chose Earth as their home.

They used their knowledge of the four elements to create their own kingdoms on earth. The four Elementals names are Hellfire, Hydron, Zephyr, and Magnum. Together they each individually possess the power over Fire, Water, Air, and Land respectively. These humanoids, which means they can turn from human form to their Elemental form.

The mystery in the MCU will be if these guys actually exist, or if they are just a figment of everyone’s imagination because of Mysterio? That is something we will just have to wait to see.

How FFH Sets Up The Marvel Universe


With Thanos out of the picture, the Marvel Universe is at a bit of a stand still. We have little clues who the next big bad villain will be, even though our very own Chaddy Daddy and WriteOn Geek have some solid theories.

The addition of the multiverse finally being confirmed, and explored we now have infinite possibilities. This is the perfect way to introduce new villains like Galactus and Dr. Doom coming from different universes, or even our favorite family, the Fantastic Four, coming to save the day.

So it seems like Far From Home (FFH) will play a really big role in establishing the future of the MCU, while also marking the end of Phase 3. Whether we see heroes coming through that multiverse, or the next villain ready to finish what Thanos started, we are in for a show.

And look out, just as you may think the MCU will never reach what Endgame accomplished, look down the horizon because there is a lot in store for us. Who knows. With the addition of the multiverse, there might be the possibility of Tony returning once again to save earth from peril (I’m still not done grieving).

Other Things To Expect


This is all we know about Spider-Man: Far From Home, but with all this information it is sure to be another great addition to the MCU. This film will explore things other Marvel films only touched on and take us deeper in the multiverse, as well as the fallback from the snap and how it affected the world. Even though Spider-Man is usually this family-friendly tone, this one looks like we will be getting a little darker.

On top of all that, we are getting one of the most comic-accurate and coolest-looking suits that we have ever seen in CBM history with Mysterio. There will be different variations of Spider-Man’s suits with the Iron-Spider, Stealth Suit, and the Homecoming suit.

I won’t be surprised if Homecoming is up for best costume design at the Oscars (or that might be the fan talking in me, but we can dream can’t we). We are going to have to wait to find out more, but until then, I will be staring at pictures of Jake non-stop in that Mysterio costume. And I’m not the only one.

Spider-Man Far From Home hits theaters July 2.


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