Airbnb is Now Renting Tony Stark’s Cabin from ‘Endgame’

Airbnb is Now Renting Tony Stark’s Cabin from ‘Endgame’

When we last left the movie theater for the umpteenth time, we recall Tony Stark sharing a serene moment with his daughter on the porch of his swank mountain cabin.

Of course, there were a few other superheroes there as well, but the point is “AHHHHH!” What a beautiful cabin, regardless if it was the site of a funeral memorial or not.

If you felt that respite of relaxation hit you in the feels during the movie, time to break out your credit card and plan a vacation because that very cabin could be yours as it is available to rent on Airbnb.


Here’s the description from Airbnb:

Set on private property in the middle of beautiful Bouckaert Farm and home of Chattahoochee Hills Eventing this guest cabin can be your home away from home. Need to get away from it all without traveling more than 30 minutes from Atlanta? Need to have a corporate retreat with your elite team? Need to come take the kids fishing and watch a horse show? Then this is your place.

Avengers Endgame fans… Would you like to stay in Tony Stark’s cabin? This is the iconic cabin in the movie!

If only these owners knew what kind of mass dork exodus was about to hit them. Good thing they have insurance because this thing is about to get full like Elvis Presley’s ‘Graceland’.

For those with residual income, the lakeside home is located in Fairburn, Georgia, and can be yours for $335 per night (but that is about to be spiked). This luxurious haven of nanotechnology and time travel is a 3/3 (that’s three bedrooms and three baths for those not in the real estate know), and should house six guests at once. (Whatever Airbnb. There’s about to be cosplay orgies in this thing.)

Happy summer vacay…while there is still room at the inn.


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