‘Toy Story 4’ Ends an Oscar-Winning Streak

‘Toy Story 4’ Ends an Oscar-Winning Streak

What the Fork is going on Pixar?! 

You guys get a new toy and think you can just go off and break your own streaks, regardless if you are winning Oscars or not? What is the big deal? Glad you asked.

For the first time since, well, Toy Story was released in theaters in 1995, there will not be an animated short film kicking off a Pixar movie, according to an unnamed Disney representative via Slate.


For absolutely no reason. Maybe it’s blowback from what happened after Coco, when Disney/Pixar presented a not-so-short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure that ticked off 21 minutes. Forcing audiences to sit through that “short” film caused such angst against the Mouse, it was pulled from theaters all together.

The trend of short films started with A Bug’s Life in 1998 featuring Geri’s Game (old man with Coke-bottle glasses playing chess). That also won the first of five Oscars for ‘Best Animated Short Film’.

While audiences typically enjoy these acclaimed shorts, Pixar hasn’t really been knocking them out of the park lately. The aforementioned Frozen Adventure had Pixar fans rather perturbed. Then, there was Lava that preceded Inside Out had a particularly cold reception (because it sucked).

As of the time of this posting, Toy Story 4 is certified the freshest with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%. Will audiences miss the storied short to kickoff the film? Maybe. Will it matter? Maybe not with early box office tracking an opening weekend of $150 million.

Disney will release Toy Story 4 in theaters on Friday, June 21.


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