Netflix is Creating the Sith-Inspired Samurai ‘Game of Thrones’

Netflix is Creating the Sith-Inspired Samurai ‘Game of Thrones’

You read that correctly. More on that later.

Deadline broke the news. We just get to celebrate it. Netflix has greenlighted a “docudrama about the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan that is described as a real-life Game of Thrones.

We’re talking 12th Century, around 1185 A.D. The Japanese government was under military rule until the mid-17th Century during a time called the “Warring States Period.” Military had all rule and the enforcers were the Bushi or the Samurai

You ever heard about the Marines having a “code”? The Samurai had that, called Bushidô or “The Way of the Warrior,” a systematic regimen of discipline and honor that required them to–literally–live and die in the service of their lords.

We have that as a backdrop with several of those dudes all vying to become the ultimate ruler of medieval Japan. The theme is described like this:

Pay homage to the noir of graphic novels and Japanese art. 

So, we get that plus something as advanced into pseudo-reality like Game of Thrones. 

This has the potential to be so great.

About That Sith Reference

date masamune

Meet Date Masamune.

Here’s a real guy who grew up in feudal Japan to become the GOAT of the Samurai. Age of Samurai will revolve, in some fashion, around Masamune. Legend has it that he plucked out his own eye at an early age because smallpox took his vision. From that, he earned the nickname, “The One-Eyed Dragon.”

By the time he was 17, the rumors of his leadership and fighting rivaled that of only Alexander the Great. Yeah, the guy was a badass in every sense of the word.

Now, look at his helmet. Another very popular rumor is that his head covering was the inspiration for the aesthetic of Darth Vader. See for yourself…

date darth

There is no word of casting or release date yet, but Deadline shares production is going on right now, so we should get this dropping on Netflix late 2019.

The expectation is strong with this one.


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