Marvel Fan Debuts a Higher Purpose with the ‘MCU Bible Verse’

Marvel Fan Debuts a Higher Purpose with the ‘MCU Bible Verse’

We all love quoting lines from our favorite movies. We can appreciate the random pop-culture references that can be inserted into daily conversations so one can flex certain geek bravado. And when two bigheads of nerd ilk get together, they may as well wrap themselves in sleeping bags because they can drop quotes from a movie all night long.

If you yearn to be one of those ‘Jeopardy’ contestants of Marvel nerd knowledge, we have just the Christmas present for you. Developer Sean Lennaerts (found on Reddit) was inspired and placed every single line, reference, and quote into a database known as ‘The MCU Bible.’ 

Here’s a brief demo video to view in all its dork splendor:

As you’ll witness and behold, Lennaerts organizes each line to be found, like it is Holy Scripture. Much as you will find on a Bible app (like YouVersion) and helping believers locate certain scripture, acolytes of Marvel will be able to locate the number in its individual series, the series title, and even a timestamp where it appears in the movie.

Let’s say there is a Comic Con in your neighborhood and you really want to drop that Wizard line because you see some Harry Potter fans out of place. You’re just not sure you’ll get the line right and don’t want to be embarrassed around your cosplay friends.

So, you go to your trusty MCU Bible Verse, type in “Wizards” and get this:


Oh yeah! That’s the right line, right movie, and even down to the minute in case some uber dork challenges you. All 22 films. All references. One destination to memorize quotes until your head explodes from nerd trivia.

Sacrilege? Possibly. Handy? Definitely. Enjoy.


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