Boy George is Right: Girl Sophie Turner Should Play Him in Biopic

Boy George is Right: Girl Sophie Turner Should Play Him in Biopic

Many millennials surfed right past this news, but Gen-Xers put this story on pause when it came out. Casting is so crucial to a good movie, be it nerd paradise or a real-to-life biopic, the source needs someone who can pull it off on screen.

News came out that a certain 1980s legend–and make no mistake, Mr. George O’Dowd is an icon of that entire decade–is getting a biopic. If you aren’t familiar with the man who would become “Boy George,” dude has quite a colorful past.

And now, Sophie Turner, fresh off a role as a “Phoenix,” may now get to take on a “Chameleon”. Namely if Boy George has anything to say about it. (And he does.)

News came out earlier this month that among all the skyrocketing success of biopics–see Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman–as of late, that Culture Club’s frontman and ’80s fashion maven Boy George will have a movie focused on his troubled life.

He was recently on Australia morning radio show, Fitzy & Wippa on Nova 96.9 FM.

The 57-year-old singer just released an album, his first in more than 20 years, as a retrospective on where’s he been, aptly titled “Life.” As he’s doing the press junket to stir up the random house-frau to download any tracks, he’s promoting this movie.

“There’s been some really interesting suggestions,” said the Culture Club frontman of potential actors put forward to play him. “One of the most interesting suggestions was Sophie Turner. [People will say] ‘she can’t play you she’s a woman,’ you know. But when I was 17, I would have loved to have been her.”

To wit, Turner chimed in on Twitter emphatically.

There are few people who can be a dopplegänger for others in entertainment. Many look-alikes requires hours of makeup and prosthetic (i.e., Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in Vice). Turner seems as if she was literally born to play Boy George.

Just look at her…and him!


Want to see what kind of acting chops she has? Play this guy who hit rock bottom on more than one occasion, which led him to addiction, prison, and eventually outcast from the community he loved.

He was a beacon of hope for young LGBT entertainers because he was so “out” there. And then fame got the best of him, as for some of his personal demons too. So, why Turner?

The Game of Thrones actress who would be queen has taken a sabbatical from acting on account of her personal plight with depression. Although she is recovering well, and is now happily married to a Joe Bro, that personal darkness may be what she needs to channel and master this role.

Personally, she has the look and a voice (well, kinda). A role this challenging will prove what many of us nerds and GoT acolytes already know, she could slay this role.

Sacha Gervasi (Hitchcock, The Terminal) is slated to write and direct the Boy George tale of meager upbringing to the path that would eventually almost take his life from fame and the planet.  “Do you really want to hurt me?” Ignore Boy George and don’t cast Sophie Turner. She’ll be great. You’ll see.


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