A-List | Five Reasons Why James Gunn Should Run DC Films

A-List | Five Reasons Why James Gunn Should Run DC Films

When Aquaman was released and on its way to the cherished $1 billion mark, we made a fuss of how James Wan saved the DCEU. This led many of us in the Matrix to believe maybe he should helm the disfranchised franchise. As we now know, that was the end of any kind of connected multiverse, as Warner Bros. Chairman Toby Emmerich would see it.

(Largely because DC President Walter Hamada is a Commander-of-Nothing-in-Chief.)

However, since all the hubbub about Wan’s deliverance of a profitable and well-portrayed story since the mass exodus of polarity that was Zack Snyder, many have been looking for a leader. Who would rescue these amazing characters and tell these potentially cosmos-shattering stories?

And then, The Suicide Squad got its guy–and reboot. All the tweets were forgotten. The poor attempts at juvenile humor were cast aside. Another James was coming to DC Films, and maybe now, DC stans and fans alike have their guy too.


Here are five reasons why James Gunn should commandeer DC Films.


He Wrote and Directed Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2

gotgJames Gunn was instrumental in creating an incredibly successful franchise from a rather unknown band of misfits from the cosmic side of the Marvel universe. His vision and determination (despite the haters) turned the Guardians of the Galaxy into a pop-culture phenomenon.

DC needs this type of outcome from their films, something that transcends the movie itself and becomes part of daily life for geeks and the public alike. Imagine if DC Films created the iconic characters for mainstream fans and followers of comic canon, like dancing Baby Groot, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, and Dave Bautista’s Drax.

We even got a theme park attraction based on the franchise! DC Comics gets a few roller coasters in Six Flags. Marvel gets an entire park–several of them. Now that is transcending success in a nutshell. Think DC wouldn’t what some of that action?

Creativity is Gunn’s Forte

BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXYGunn’s Super is a black comedy with over-the-top violence and raw comedy, starring everyday people as the “heroes” — all heart, little skill, complete story.

This format could suit many characters yet to grace the big screen for DC. As we shared, Gunn is already writing and directing The Suicide Squad for the DCU. So why couldn’t we  see him overseeing films starring Lobo, Plastic Man, Booster Gold, and even a film version of the off-centered Doom Patrol? 

Gunn has the gift of creativity, art direction, dialogue, and all the quirky intangibles both Marvel and DC has now endorsed, so why not the fans? There is a ton of potential within the annals of DC, and right now, one guy could take control of all of it. Shouldn’t we cheer for that?

The Man Digs Horror

SlitherFor those that prefer the dark and gritty version of DC, Gunn has that experience too. Remember the alien invasion horror-comedy Slither? That was him. Also, James Gunn wrote the screen-play for Zack Snyder’s take on the Dawn of the Dead, a very good horror film, with some tongue-in-cheek humor as well.

Even more recently, his producing credit on the “evil Superman” film Brightburn brought many people to the theaters on its opening weekend. His writing prowess behind the violent The Belko Experiment could lend itself to some of the darker DC characters like Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman. and Swamp Thing. Or, let’s just say Justice League Dark.

James Wan is now tied to the DC Universe with a billion dollar film of his own, with Aquaman, so a possible collaboration between the two would cause a nerdgasm of epic proportions! A Spectre film perhaps, let the dream team of Wan and Gunn run the DC dark-side show.

Man of Steel is in his Wheelhouse

mos 2

Gunn has proclaimed ‘enjoying’ Snyder’s Man of Steel, so why not have him write and direct MoS2? Rumor is James was offered the pick of the litter at DC, including Superman, but he chose the remake/reboot/part 2 of Suicide Squad instead.

His fondness of Man of Steel and possibly keeping the fan favorite Henry Cavill is an intriguing proposition for fans of DC. Gunn could give us the earnest and enduring Clark Kent, while also producing the strong and vigilant Supes (aka. a Christopher Reeve/Henry Cavill hybrid) that would appease the fans of either or both takes on the beloved character.

Proven Ensemble Experience

james gunn gotgCircling back to the success of Guardians 1 and 2, James has a definite knack for creating character driven films, with each member of the ensemble getting their spotlight to shine. DC has no shortage of films that could use the Gunn’s magic touch.

As mentioned, Justice League Dark, but also the Green Lantern Corps, The Bat family, Justice League International, Teen Titans, Metal Men, or even the Legion of Super Heroes.

Let’s remember, Gunn turned a talking Raccoon and a sentient tree into beloved and mainstream characters. The gritty, cosmic and god-like DC characters could shine under the direction of Gunn, but his ensemble experience would be a big-time asset for DC to capitalize on.

What do you think? Would you give the DC keys to the kingdom to James Gunn? We would do it faster than a speeding bullet.


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