The Fancasting Room | 4 Actresses Marvel Should Consider for Kamala Khan

The Fancasting Room | 4 Actresses Marvel Should Consider for Kamala Khan

With Marvel having a panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con next month, and at D23 coming up later this year, we are fully expecting to get some major MCU-related film announcements! How many? We don’t know, but I’d be willing to bet we’re going to get more than we think.

One hero I hope will be announced is Kamala Khan, otherwise known as Ms. Marvel. Bringing Khan into the MCU makes sense now that Captain Marvel is back on Earth (periodically). In the comics, she idolizes Carol Danvers. With Fury calling Danvers back to Earth to help the Avengers defeat Thanos, people are to bound to at least hear about Ms. Marvel, right?

The timing to bring in Khan to the MCU couldn’t be more perfect.

There is another reason: In the comics, Khan’s parents are Pakistani traditionalists. This is a demographic sorely underrepresented in Hollywood and cinema today. When (because there are no “ifs” about it) Marvel decides to introduce Khan, she will be the first (female) superhero of a Pakistani background lead a film.

With the help of popular public figures like Mindy Kaling and Riz Ahmed who have both been very vocal about wanting to be involved in making this film, I think it’s safe to say Marvel is listening.

Now, for the question we’ve all been waiting for….Who should portray miss Khan when she’s introduced into the MCU? I have some ideas…

Sophia Taylor Ali

grey's anatomy dahlia

Ali already has one key advantage working in her favor: She is of Pakistani descent. While that doesn’t automatically get her the role or even guarantee an audition, casting directors are always looking for authenticity. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

Ali got her start with small little cameo appearances on shows like: CSI Miami, The Mindy Project, and Shake it Up. She then landed a recurring role on ABC’s hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, as Dr. Dhalia Qadri. She also appeared in 2018’s horror flick, Truth or Dare.

While definitely lacking in acting credits, especially high-profile ones, Ali has been very good in the roles she’s landed. One last thing is another big factor working in Ali’s favor is her age. She’s just 22 years old, making her young enough to play a teenage Kamala and able to play the character for years to come.

Naomi Scott

I mean, kind of a no-brainer right? She’s already got a working relationship with Disney thanks to Aladdin, and I’m assuming that relationship is pretty damn good after the film significantly exceeded expectations at the box office. Make no mistake, the movie may be called Aladdin, but thanks to Scott’s performance, that was every bit as much Jasmin’s story as well. Scott, aside from Will Smith’s Genie, really was the standout of the movie.

Scott, 25, is of Indian and Gujarati descent. Her star has risen over the years as she burst onto the scene as Kimberly the Pink Ranger in Saban’s Power Rangers reboot. Her role in that film showcased Scott’s ability to not only be able to deliver an emotional performance, but also how she could handle roles with significant action.

In all honesty, Scott would be the perfect actress to bring Khan to the big screen. She’s a phenomenal actress who has already proven herself in big-budget films with name people will immediately recognize. I’m sure the role as Kamala Khan has Scott’s name right at the top of the list.

Geraldine Viswanathan

blockers geraldine viswanathan

My personal pick for MVP of the comedy film, Blockers, Viswanathan was very much an unknown talent prior to her role as Kayla in that film. It was her first major studio acting credit in a film, but you would never be able to guess that from her performance. I wish I was that confident in the job I’ve been in for five years as she was in her very first acting credit ever for a major studio….sheesh!

Viswanathan is an Australian actress who comes from Malaysian and Swiss descent. Since her incredibly hilarious standout turn in Blockers, Viswanathan starred in Netflix’s The Package, and has a role in the upcoming film Bad Education, opposite Hugh Jackman, Allison Janey, and Ray Romano. She is also the co-star in TBS’ new comedy series, Miracle Workers, opposite Daniel Radcliffe.

Geraldine has already proven she can thrive in comedy-driven roles. She has an effortless delivery and can play extremely well off others. Can she handle emotional scenes or roles that require heavy amounts of action? That is yet to be determined, but it’s a risk I think Marvel would be wise to take.

Jameela Jamil

Currently staring alongside actress Kristen Bell on NBC’s fantasy-comedy, The Good Place, Jamil has been able to gain a ton of exposure over the course of the show as it becomes a weekly favorite for many people across the country.

For reference, The Good Place‘s first season averaged roughly 5.72 million viewers. With each episode, audiences became more and more familiar with Jamil, her timing, and overall performance as an actress.

In the show, Jamil plays Tahani, a British and Pakistani socialite and has become something of a fan favorite. At 33 years old, Jamil might be a little older than what Marvel is looking for but she is of Pakistani and Indian descent and could definitely pull off a version of Khan in her ’20s. I think that’s a fair compromise to get someone of Jamil’s talent. She will already have a name and face audiences will recognize whether they watch the The Good Place or have just seen commercials for it.


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