‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ Spoilers: Post-Credit Scenes Breakdown

‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ Spoilers: Post-Credit Scenes Breakdown

*In case you didn’t read the title, this article contains major spoilers for Spider-Man Far From Home*

You’ve been adequately warned….

Since Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially swung into theaters, let’s get right into it and talk about those absolutely shocking post-credit scenes. Here’s what went down.

The Mid-Credit Scene

The very first thing you’ll notice is that just about half of this scene was used in the marketing of this film with MJ swinging with Spidey for the first time, but that was only half of the scene…the rest of it goes completely bonkers!

In the background, an advertising screen starts playing a video captured–and doctored–by Mysterio himself. The video makes it look as if Spidey was the one who was actually behind the London attack and responsible for Mysterio’s death. Then, to add the ultimate insult to injury, Mysterio reveals to the entire world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man!

On top of all of that, we get one of the greatest surprises the MCU has given us yet. The Daily Bugle is finally mentioned, along with a cameo by J.K. freaking Simmons himself reprising his iconic role as J. Jonah Jameson in this universe.

Yes, really!

After-Credit Scene

In what first looked like an expensive Audi advertisement, Maria Hill and Nick Fury can be seen peacefully driving down the street when out of nowhere… they transform into skrulls. One of which is the well-known Talos from Captain Marvel and the other his Talos’ wife Soren, whom we also met in the same film.

Talos calls the real Nick Fury to tell Fury he needs to come back as soon as he can. That’s when we see Nick quickly hanging up the phone while laying on the beach…except that it’s not a beach. It’s actually only a projection on board of a Skrull ship in space. Just how long has Talos been impersonating Nick Fury?!

Spider-Man is a Menace!

Phew! That’s a lot to unpack.

First things first, the public’s view on Spider-Man may have just changed completely. If they decide to believe Mysterio, which there’s still a chance they won’t, Spidey now looks like an evil villain who wants nothing more than to kill innocent civilians.

Plus, none of Peter’s friends are safe anymore since everybody–including the bad guys– now know (or at least believe) that he is Spider-Man. This means that a potential Sinister Six could become a whole lot more sinister.

On the bright side of things, J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson is now officially a part of the MCU. However, we may not get to see much of him since Peter is probably never getting a job there with everyone knowing that he’s Spider-Man. At least we got to see the beginnings of Jameson’s big Spider-Man grudge.

Secret Invasion?

Yeah, yeah, I know the Skrulls are good guys and the one’s who were impersonating Fury and Hill were especially nice, but that was all the way back in Captain Marvel. Even though they still seemed nice, we only got to see a brief conversation. We don’t really know they’re whole story since the ’90s. Maybe they’re not as friendly as they used to be. And Talos did seem a little frustrated when Fury hangs up the phone.

Even if the Skrulls we have seen are good (so far), who’s to say that all of them are? Their presence on Earth could possibly lead more hostile Skrull factions to them. Whether they’ll end up becoming the villains or not, it looks like the Skrulls are here to stay.


These were just initial thoughts on the amazing post-credit scenes that Spider-Man: Far From Home had to offer. If you haven’t done so already (which you should have since you’re reading this), go catch it in theaters and let us know at MoviesMatrix what you thought about the official end of the Infinity Saga over on Twitter and Instagram.

The two post-credit scenes set up some very interesting conflicts and stories yet to come during the MCU’s Phase 4. While we still don’t know much about the next slate of films, it is safe to say that Peter Parker and his alter ego, Spider-Man, will be playing a key, central role in the events to come.


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