#ICYMI: 10 of the Best Easter Eggs from ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

#ICYMI: 10 of the Best Easter Eggs from ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

It has been more than a week since Spider-Man: Far From Home came out. Not everyone can see a film in its first week. Some of us have seen it three times (but who’s counting).

With that said, if you are one of the people who have so far from your own home that you haven’t seen the latest Spider-Man saga, bookmark this article, and turn away.

There are many spoilers ahead. Consider this your warning…


B.A.R.FYes, there is a system nicknamed after puke in the movie. Of course, it’s a callback to Captain America: Civil War. If you know canon, you know Mysterio is a fraud, but a genius one. His holographic technology was credited to Tony Stark, known as Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing (aka. BARF). Naturally, Quentin Beck isn’t happy about that and holds a grudge to this day.

BARF is also brought up in reference to the first Iron Man film. Remember the scientist who Obadiah Stane lampoons in front of everyone? That was William Ginter Riva. He was working on BARF then.

(And not for nothing, but you know ‘Ralphie’ in the iconic yuletide movie A Christmas Story? Look at Riva again. That’s Ralphie, Mr. Peter Billingsley himself.)

2. MTU 83779

mtu 83779There’s Nick Fury in Berlin, driving along the countryside, when he finds a place to park. That’s where we notice the innocuous license plate ‘MTU 83779’. This is Marvel — nothing is innocuous, everything may have a meaning. If you know the comics, you know there was a “Marvel Team-Up” (yes, MTU) series. Around number 83, it featured Spider-Man and Nick Fury. Again, nothing is up to chance here.

3. Uncle Ben

uncle bens bagWe still have yet to find the ubiquitary “Uncle Ben” in the MCU, even though he is the catalyst for all things Peter Parker in the comics. And while, his face still remains a mystery, he is able to show up in symbolism throughout the MCU. In Far From Home, we find Peter trifling through his room for things to pack. You may not have caught his bag, but there are three initial on the suitcase — B.F.P. Those stand for “Benjamin Franklin Parker.”

4. That Check

The CheckIf you have credit cards, you may have picked up on this one immediately. Furthermore, if you pay attention to the seemingly innocent, you noticed this one too. Both eggs were in the same scene. Here’s Happy with the big donation check ready to give it to his main squeeze, Aunt May.

First, that’s from Synchrony Bank — it’s a real bank, and they issue “cash back” Mastercards featuring Marvel. Second, see the signature? The boss herself, Pepper Potts. (Maybe Gwyneth forgot she was in this movie too.)

5. Dimitri

Spider_Man_Far_Frome_Home_Numan_Acar_ChameleonAnyone notice something peculiar about the muscled-up and mute bus driver in this movie? The one that worked for Nick Fury? He didn’t talk much, but maybe that’s because he was holding back one doozie of a secret. You see, in Spider-Man canon, there is a Dimitri Smerdyakov. So? That’s the name of an altar-ego who is the super-villainous Chameleon. Yup, one of the Sinister Six.

Also, not for nothing, but when he meets Spider-Man, he stole some plans to a classified missile-defense system, which was intended to be given to a certain superhero group known as the Fantastic Four. (One step closer to the MCU. It’s all coming together.)

6. Earth 616 and 833

spider-man-far-from-home_mysterioAgain, for the comic-reading nerds in the audience, this one was completely for you. If you pay attention to hyperlinks, many of them — regardless of blog — hearken back to Marvel’s Wiki page or “Earth 616“. This is the established main universe where the majority of Marvel stories take place. In other words, here. Mysterio claims he is from “Earth 833,” which is home to Spider-UK. There really is no place like home.

7. The Black Dahlias

Celebrity Sightings In New York - October 12, 2018This is more obscure reference, but in the days of Marvel’s rising to meet the needs for Girl Power, this is a great note. Remember Peter concocting this cockamamie plan to tell MJ his innermost thoughts? He wanted to give her a Black Dahlia necklace because that’s her favorite old Hollywood murder. Sweet, right?

Marvel is home to a group of badass babes known as ‘The Black Dahlias‘ whose purpose is to take the streets back for women and girls. Of course, what is MJ passionate about doing? Social justice. And while none of the Black Dahlias are named MJ or Mary, there is a ‘Marie’ so here’s to hoping we get much more of Zendaya’s character in the MCU.

8. J. Jonah Jameson

jk-simmons-j-jonah-jameson-700x394This was a jump-out-of-your-seat moment watching the first post-credit scene. Taht really was JK Simmons reprising his role as the titular editor of The Daily Bugle back in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. Ho-Lee-Crap!

Given how the Internet killed everything, The Daily Bugle has been reimagined as some alt-right, alt-left, or gossipy news website and it’s Jameson who gets to tell the world who Spider-Man really is — of course, coached and coaxed by Mysterio.

Think Peter will get a job there now? Nah!


swordAnother deep comic reference could have been on the second post-credit scene. There, we find Fury sipping on a Mai Tai while lounging on some beach. Only he wasn’t. There’s an image of a beach and we discover he’s in space and he left a couple of Skrulls to look after the world while he was busy in orbit.

That Skrull ship he is on could be the first inkling of SWORD — Sentient World Observation and Response Department. Of course, it’s an off-shoot of SHIELD in space, but the “back to work” and Kree sleeper cell” references could highlight the amazing ship and a possible Kree-Skrull War coming in Phase 4.

10. Phase 4 or Something More Fantastic

FFH swinging

Saving the best for last.

During the amazing post-credit scene where Peter and MJ are swinging through Manhattan’s Uptown, there is a sign that reads: “1 –> 2 –> 3 –> ? And we can’t wait to show you what comes next!” 

This is one of two things, and only one of two things, because again…nothing is an accident with these mad scientists in their Easter Egg laboratory.

  • The Infinity Saga wraps up Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Technically, that ended with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Hence, a nice, knowing nod for closure.
  • Or…what number is missing? What just happened with Marvel? Maybe, could it be, a more mysterious nod that the Fantastic 4 are coming next?! We can only dream.


If there are any Cadbury eggs you thought you should have been on this list, the comments are open. Holler back, Cottontails.


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