Sisterhood In Cinema | Wonder Woman

Sisterhood In Cinema | Wonder Woman

Starting out this series of positive female themes in cinema is Wonder Woman.

From her conception in 1941, Diana Prince has always stood for equality, inner strength, and a strong sense of sisterhood. Fast forward to 2017 and those themes are still present in her solo film, Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring the amazing Gal Gadot.

All too often in cinema women are pitted against each other, and the audience rarely gets to see women support one another or work together in a positive way. The female comradery is something that can be seen on screen and off screen.

The Amazons

This film not only gave the audience one bad ass female warrior, it gave us a whole army of them. Diana comes from a mystical island called Themyscira, the home of the Amazons. In the film, Amazons were created by Zeus to bring peace and justice to the world. While sheltered away from the world on their own paradise island, Diana and her amazon sisters train day in and day out to improve and hone their skills in case of an invasion.

Diana is surrounded by many powerful, and caring women who helped shape her. Her mother, Queen of the Amazons, teaches Diana to trust within herself. Her aunt, General of the Amazonian Army, teaches Diana to be fierce. The women around Diana do not drag her down, and when Diana discovers who she is, they train her to be the best she can be and support her wholeheartedly.

Not only were the Amazons showing their sisterhood in front of the camera, but they showed it behind the camera as well. Many of the women that were portraying the Amazons on camera were police officers, martial artists, moms, and Olympians. It wasn’t easy to get this group of women all trained, but they all encouraged each other.

“I’ve been training for many years,” commented Madeleine Vall Beijner, “but I can see the change in those girls who haven’t. It’s like they become Amazons, because they do things they think they couldn’t do, and then when they do, it’s like they grow from the inside.” Many actresses note how they not only become physically stronger through their Amazonian journey, but mentally as well. They give credit to each other for getting through this.

Diana in the Real World

There’s no denying that this film brought many women from all over the world together. I saw this film a day early with my mother, and it was such an amazing experience seeing so many women come out to see this film. There were women dressed up in their own Wonder Woman suits, mothers, daughters, sisters and everyone in between.

Getting to share such a powerful experience with all the women in the theater was unforgettable. Hearing the cheers when Diana storms the battlefield during her “No Man’s Land” scene, or wishing that for a moment we could be on an island of warrior women made this movie so much more. In that moment we were all together as sisters, and the feelings that film made women feel was indescribable.

Since the release of Wonder Woman it has been a spectacular time for our favorite princess. She starred alongside the likes of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman for the second time, and has her sequel, Wonder Woman 84 heading into theaters next year. The only way is up from here for Diana and the rest of the Amazons.

I for one am most certainly looking forward to seeing daughters, mothers, and sisters lining up to see more barriers broken. See you next time, sisters.


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