The Fancasting Room | 5 Actors to Play Marvel’s King of Atlantis

The Fancasting Room | 5 Actors to Play Marvel’s King of Atlantis

Editor’s Note: This is 100% rumor without a named source, but thanks to Easter Eggs and fan theory, this one is catching fire. On with a great fancasting post…

The rumor mill has officially started swirling regarding the sequel to the cultural phenomenon, Black Panther.

The newest, exciting rumor is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Aquaman, their very own Atlantean ruler. Yes, Namor the Submariner is rumored to be playing the villain to Chadwick Boseman’s King of Wakanda.

If this is real, it will create quite a bit of excitement within the MCU fanbase as fans have been clamoring for Namor to show up for awhile.

Namor’s distribution rights, like Hulk’s, are owned by Universal Studios. It is near impossible for Marvel Studios to make a solo Namor film legally. Until those distribution rights are sorted out, featuring Namor in other character’s movies is the only way to get him into the universe right now.

We’ll take it!

Now, who could play this “on-again, off-again” hero? Namor isn’t your typical superhero. He has been a villain and a hero in comics. He tip-toes that line operating in a morally grey area. This role will require a versatile actor, and it just so happens I found a few that could take on this complex character.

Joe Taslim

joe taslim

Taslim is a favorite for this role among fans. If he gets it, then that would start a hot streak for Taslim as he was announced earlier to be playing Sub-Zero in the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot. Sub-Zero and Namor are two huge and well-known characters. Taslim’s name would surely experience a huge boost in brand awareness.

Best known for his roles in The Raid, Fast & Furious 6, and Star Trek Beyond, Taslim has proven he has excellent dramatic chops as well as possessing an incredible set of action skills. Casting Taslim as Namor would also add more diversity to Marvel’s MCU lineup, and with diversity a key focus moving forward for Marvel, it’s a win-win.

John Cho

John Cho has come a long way from his American Pie and Harold & Kumar days. Since starring in those raunchy, stoner comedies, Cho has built himself a nice and diverse résumé. He has shown that he is capable of more than comedic relief. Cho is an actor with serious talent and range.

Cho starred in all three Star Trek reboot films as ‘Sulu,’ who was a straight up badass. That role allowed Cho to not only flex his dramatic skills but also show how comfortable he was with action scenes. Cho recently received widespread acclaim for his lead role in the thriller Searching. His performance there is all the validation you need to be convinced that he is a brilliant, well-rounded actor.

Brian Tee

Already familiar with comic book/superhero films, Tee played Norubo Mori in 2013’s The Wolverine and Toshiro Mori in ABC’s Agents of Shield. The man has the experience in this genre, which should be a huge plus on Marvel’s casting list.

In addition to those roles, Tee also starred in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows as the Shredder. He is a self-admitted comic book geek, and let’s be honest, just make his ears a little pointy and he looks like a real-life Namor anyway! Tee has yet to find that breakout role that would solidify him as a leading candidate. Well, Brian meet Namor; Namor meet Brian.

Zachary Quinto

Lots of Star Trek alumni on this list!

Fun fact: when casting for the role of Spock, Leonard Nimoy was given final casting approval and he chose Quinto. Looks like Nimoy could’ve been a casting director, because Quinto absolutely nailed the role of Spock. He portrayed the emotional vulnerability of Spock beautifully with equal parts intensity and compassion.

Spock, like Namor, is a half-breed, a character trait prominent in both characters. We already know Quinto can play on that aspect extremely well as Spock was a character who also struggled with his heritage. Quinto is an accomplished and skilled actor, one that Marvel would be more than happy to have bring their Atlantean ruler to life.

Henry Golding

Golding is a new name, one few have heard until last year. In fact, he had just one film credit back in 2009 prior to having a breakout year in 2018. Last year alone, Golding starred in two major, big-studio book adaptations in John M. Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians and Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor. Both films did well financially and critically with Golding’s performance being recognized as a highlight in each film.

It appears he is on the path to becoming leading man material, if he’s not there already. Marvel would be smart to snatch him before his schedule gets to be too full! He definitely has the dramatic chops as proven in his aforementioned roles. He has the right look, and the only question mark left to figure out is how comfortable he is with action scenes. There’s no denying this man’s talent, so adding him would give Marvel another rising star to add to their already loaded collection of talent.


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