He’s (Almost) Here: Ava DuVernay Confirms Villains for ‘New Gods’

He’s (Almost) Here: Ava DuVernay Confirms Villains for ‘New Gods’

The Hype Train was chugging all the way through Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and made a much anticipated stop at Justice League. DC (and the guilty pleasure Marvel) fans just knew the sardonic menace from Apokolips would make an appearance and finally have his moment on the big screen.

Of course, we know how that turned out. Zack Snyder was never allowed his “cut” (sorry, not sorry), fans got the “Josstice” League, and Steppenwolf had that CGI fart-and-fall-down moment usurping hope–and hype–from nerds everywhere.

Maybe James Wan would bring him? Naw. James Gunn with his version of The Suicide Squad coming? Nope. Then who? Would you believe the man no prison in the universe could hold will come to life because of Ava DuVernay?! And she is bringing a sinister troupe of ladies with him too!

darkseid furiesThat’s right. When the ‘New Gods’ arrive, Darkseid and his Female Furies are going to follow with animus and nefarious intentions!  Who said so? The visionary mother of 10 (yes, 10…she’s a bad girl) and ingenue behind what has to be one of the best things Netflix has ever aired When They See Us (again, yes…it is as brilliant as it is important).

During one of her impromptu #AskAva Twitchats, the nerds and blerds showed out and she didn’t disappoint:


What could be better than that? If you are a DC stan, nothing…but this comes close if you know canon.

Uh, yeah!

The mythos of Jack Kirby will be realized in its entirety starring the ultimate overlord in DC Comics lore and his all-female band of baneful babes known as the Female Furies. As the story goes, Big Barda and Scott Free flee Apokolips and with the unyielding and fanatical loyalty Granny Goodness brainwashed…er, instilled in them to “die for Darkseid,” they blast to Earth to defend his honor.

The Hour Has Come (Almost)

scene darkseid furies

While the film, which is being co-written by Mister Miracle author Tom King, hasn’t come close to sniffing a release date, nerd nation are angling for any clue they can about what this movie will mean to them.

Female+Furies+2+coverAnd then Ava does that. 

Now, don’t bother to #AskAva about casting because she knows how to keep a secret. However, she did say she will be “keeping my mind open.” (Maybe there’s a fancast of New Gods in our future?)

Speaking of the aforementioned When They See Us, the graciously loyal director also teased “there is a 99.9% chance” an actor from the Netflix series will be cast in New Gods. 

Who will that be? Jharrel Jerome, a massive standout as ‘Korey Wise,’ seems as the odds-on favorite, but who knows. Truly, who cares now because there are so many opportunities to become a staple in this legacy of the Fourth World.

What is evident is Ava had a greenlight to share this tease. There are headlines. There is chatter. There will be casting news coming soon. And WB may be sitting on another billion-dollar dynasty. You know, if they stay out of the way.

(Not to mention, with Ava bringing the darkness, we may finally have discovered the one thing to shut up all that Snyder Cut chatter. Just sayin’.)



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