Every ‘Star Wars’ Series Coming to Disney +

Every ‘Star Wars’ Series Coming to Disney +

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ICYMI: Star Wars has had a rough history with television.

Starting with the infamous “Holiday Special,” Star Wars TV specials and series haven’t been well received. It was only recently they earned reviews worthy of the brand with shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Despite the numerous Star Wars-related TV series throughout the years, not a single one has been live-action. That is all going to change with the launch of Disney+ — multiple shows and a big budget. Call it the Game of Thrones treatment, like an eight-hour movie to get fans completely excited.

While everyone eagerly awaits whatever Disney+ has to offer, here is a full list of each confirmed show coming with the service so you can start planning exactly when to take off work to binge them.

The Mandalorian

With a blockbuster-sized budget, Jon Favreau at the helm, and a focus on the fan-favorite race, The Mandalorian seems to have a lot going for it.

While there still isn’t any officially released footage, there have been some leaked plot details. According to Favreau, it will take place three years after the events of Return of the Jedi and will follow a lone Mandalorian in the outreaches of the galaxy. Favreau has also stated in the past that it will stay true to the original trilogy’s tone and feel.

So far it sounds like this will be a very special show for Star Wars fans of all ages. It’ll definitely be exciting to finally see what real Star Wars on TV will look like.

Release: At Launch


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The acclaimed TV show that was abruptly canceled back in 2014 when Disney bought Lucasfilm is finally returning to give the show a proper finale.

Unlike The Mandalorian, we have one trailer for the season that doesn’t tell us much, but does confirm a few things. One of those things being that it will close out Ahsoka Tano and Anakin’s arc that was left open-ended before its cancellation.

Speculation has also lead many fans to believe this season will finally present the Siege of Mandalore arc, which would complete the long-running Mandalore storyline. As for other arcs that will be included, all we have are released–and revealing–concept art.

With how popular the series has become over the years, fans are grateful and absolutely excited to finally see the show get the send-off it deserved.

Release: Late 2019


Cassian Andor 

Cassian Andor was a stand-out in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He was the first Latino character in the franchise, but nobody expected a Cassian solo series. He seemed to be a one and done character, yet here he is leading his very own series. It was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one (as Palpatine would say).

Not much is known about the show except that it will be set before Rogue One, and will feature Cassian and K-2SO in a “rousing spy thriller” during the early days of the rebellion. Taking that, and the background that was already hinted at in Rogue One, and this should make for a very interesting show.

Release: Year 2


While this is an exciting time for fans with all of this new Star Wars content, it’s also one filled with uncertainty. Disney’s Star Wars slate has kind of fallen apart lately with the firing of multiple directors, projects that seem to pop up then suddenly disappear, and a future that seems very indecisive.

Hopefully, the franchise quickly finds its place on Disney+ and ushers in yet another era of greatness. Given the shows that have been announced thus far, it seems like hope may soon be restored in the galaxy.

Stay tuned to MoviesMatrix to stay up to date with the upcoming Marvel, Pixar, and Disney Original shows coming to Disney+, and as always, may the force be with you.


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