Every Pixar and Disney Original Show Coming to Disney+

Every Pixar and Disney Original Show Coming to Disney+

Editor’s Note: This is the third post in a dynamite three-art educational series about all the fun we can expect to find on Disney+ (First, we tackled Star Wars, then the MCU).

Disney+ is going all out with Marvel and Star Wars content, but that doesn’t mean that there’ll be any shortage of Pixar or Disney originals. While the lineup may not be as exciting as the other two franchises, there are still some really cool movies that fans should get excited to see.

Here are all of the Pixar and Disney original shows that have been confirmed for the first two years of Disney+.

Monsters At Work

With the original cast returning, Monsters At Work is set only six months after the first Monsters Inc.. The sequel follows the classic duo, Mike and Sully, after Sully is appointed as head of the company of the same name. Sully decides to start harvesting children’s laughter instead of their screams.

After eagerly awaiting a continuation from the first movie, and following a prequel that didn’t quite live up to expectations for some, Monsters At Work seems like it’s the continuation we’ve all needed.

This also marks Pixar’s first true venture into television, and given their track record, this should be a very fun and heartwarming series for everyone to enjoy.

Release: TBD 2020


Forky Asks a Question

There is no doubt about it: Forky was easily one of the greatest things to come out Toy Story 4. He was the perfect blend of funny and adorable, so it comes as no surprise that he’s getting his own short film series. It will follow Forky (obviously) after the events of Toy Story 4 as he, in classic Pixar fashion, asks questions about love, life, time, and most importantly, cheese.

Release: At Launch


Lamp Life

Lamp Life is a short film centered around Lil’ Bo Peep that will finally answer the question we’ve all had coming out of Toy Story 3: Where did Bo Peep go? What did she do?

Of course, these were partially answered in Toy Story 4, but having a whole short about it should shed some light on what really it means to be a lost toy. Besides, we’ll always take any excuse to revisit the Toy Story world and its characters.

Release: At Launch



One thing Pixar is best known for, besides making animated movies that make grown men cry, are the shorts that play before their movies.

Though Toy Story 4 broke the trend of shorts before their movies, it’s a tradition that every other movie has kept. These shorts range from hilarious to tear-jerking, and is usually a great mix of both.

For the series, Pixar artists are given only six-months to make a short film with a limited budget that will premiere as an episode in the series. Judging by just how incredible the shorts have been in the past, this is a show to keep your eye on.

Release: At Launch


Diary of a Female President

Starring Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez, Diary of a Female President follows a 12-year-old, Cuban-American girl on her way to become a future president of the United States.

The show was originally set to air on CBS All Access before Disney took over and has now set it for release on their streaming service.

It’s an intriguing concept, and the talent is definitely there to turn this show into something more than what’s expected.

Release: 2020


High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

(Yes, that’s the actual title)

Anyone who grew up watching the High School Musical movies will be ecstatic to hear about its return as a TV series, but it’s not returning in the way you might think.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is a mockumentary that takes place at East High, where the original movies took place and will follow a new class as they perform the musical High School Musical (expect tons of meta jokes).

No matter how the show ends up being, fans will take any excuse to revisit the place they grew up loving.

Release: At Launch



Encore! looks to be a heartwarming show produced by Kristen Bell that will reunite cast mates from their old high school musicals (not the movies, their actual high school’s musical) and have them re-create their past performances. The performances will even include hit broadway shows like Annie, The Sound of Music, and Beauty and the Beast!

For anybody who’s is or has been involved in a high school production of any kind, this show should be right up your alley.

Release: At Launch

Other Content

On top of all of these shows, there are also quite a few new movies worth mentioning that will be exclusive to the new streaming network:

Lady and the Tramp (live-action remake)

Lady and the Tramp

Release: At Launch

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (remake)

honey i shrunk the kids

Release: 2020

The Phineas and Ferb Movie

Phineas and Ferb

Release: Year 1

Noelle (Animation) 


Release: Year 1



Release: Year 1

Stargirl (Live-Action) 


Release: Year 1

Timmy Failure (Animation)

timmy failure

Release: Year 1

With all of the Pixar and Disney originals coming to the streaming service along with Star Wars and Marvel, Disney+ looks like the perfect service for fans of all kinds. At just $6.99/month, it’s also the most affordable.

Stay tuned to MoviesMatrix to stay up to date with all of the upcoming Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney Original shows coming to Disney+ this November.

NOTE: All images courtesy of The Walt Disney Company/Pixar


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