James Wan’s Atomic Monster to Helm ‘The Troop’

James Wan’s Atomic Monster to Helm ‘The Troop’

It’s easy to assume whenever this guy is in a headline, every nerd around stops down and pays attention (shortly before they pay for another movie ticket).

That said, Deadline reports news from his Atomic Monster production banner and its latest action — picking up the rights to the noted Nick Cutter stimulating YA novel, The Troop

the troopCutter’s book, the first-ever winner of the James Herbert Award for Horror Writing, has quite the fanfare. Aside from the high-cotton fellowship of award winners, the novel garnered one significant endorsement.

“The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.” – Stephen King

So, that’s something.

For those not in the know, the young adult novel follows a meandering motley crew of boys hiking and camping in the Canadian wilderness. Sure, it sounds like Jason Voorhees may be visiting, but instead there’s another uninvited camp attendee — a haggard, homeless dude who looks like he’s been lit with a blowtorch. Turns out he is a host of something called “a bioengineered nightmare.”

As the dust cover shares, The Troop is “part Lord of the Flies, part 28 Days Later—and all-consuming—this tightly written, edge-of-your-seat thriller takes you deep into the heart of darkness, where fear feeds on sanity…and terror hungers for more.”

(In short, if you dig horror and suspense, this will totally be your jam. It’s great!)

Of course, this will begin shortly after Wan’s Atomic Monster company is done shooting and prepping The Conjuring 3 in 2020 and the pre-production remake of Mortal Kombat. 

The Troop adaptation features E.L. Katz directing (Syfy’s Channel Zero, Cheap Thrills) and written by Noah Gardner (Super 8) and Aidan Fitzgerald (Revolver).



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