Using Our (Spider) Senses: The Future of Sony Animated Films

Using Our (Spider) Senses: The Future of Sony Animated Films

It has been eight months since the release of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Mostly everyone loved it, including The Academy, which gave the film an Oscar for ‘Best Animated Feature.’

I can definitively say that Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is the best-animated film of all time (and yes, that does include the best of the Disney Pixar films).

Spider-Man 2099Which that being said, this post is not about how good Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is but what might happen after Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

If any of you remember the post-credit scene, you will recall we met Spider-Man 2099.

In that scene, we got an hilarious gag where Miguel O’Hera goes to Earth-67 and tries to recruit Spider-Man for a mission.

The question is what is so important that Miguel O’Hera has to go to different universes and recruit different Spider-Men?

Can you imagine what kind of storylines Sony will incorporate if they do a Miguel O’Hara Spider-Man animated film? No, really…imagine that. The comments are below. We’re listening.


f94f7ea8-e023-496b-9e86-cd42a4ed63e3-2138-0000022572b692d3Sony has already announced that Spider-Man fans are getting a sequel that will continue Miles Morales’ story, which will also lead to cinematic spin-off animated films (some might even focus on different Spider-Women).

Personally, I hope we get an animated film for Silk or one that focuses on Gwen Stacy with Miles as her support. Why not one about Spider-Woman?

While we discuss which spin-offs should be next, let’s discuss the big question… Who should the villains be for these films?

Many might hate me for this, but it would be cool to get Kraven as a villain for Miles Morales.


It also seems that Sony might go dark with their animated story lines, so seeing Kraven’s the Last Hunted with a reasonable budget and animated will be better than any live-actions Spider-Man film.

701ae2cf-2744-4ee4-8a70-b495ac833982-2138-00000225c6168a24We’re talking better than Spider-Man: Back in Black or Spider-Man: No More. We could get Champions!

Hopefully, the success of these animated movies will leak over to Warner Bros, so they can raise their budget for their animation.

Whichever movie Sony chooses to select following Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, one thing is very clear — they have a path.

That path will take them to profitable animated films as long as they want to do them.

We learned with Spider-Verse that animated movies can look like a cartoon, but feel like a real movie.

Hopefully, Sony learned that as well because there are plenty of resources for Spider-Man in comics where the production house could take us.


What are your thoughts? The comments are on and we are listening.


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