Don’t Feed the Trolls: Steven DeKnight Proves Mean People Suck on Twitter

Don’t Feed the Trolls: Steven DeKnight Proves Mean People Suck on Twitter

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am an unashamed Steven DeKnight homer. His direction — most importantly — his writing on Spartacus and one of the best things ever seen on Netflix in Daredevil: Season One is thought-provoking and brilliant skill at work. Period. Now, on with the show.

As we prepare to behold Jupiter’s Legacythe Mark Millar Image comic being adapted for Netflix by DeKnight, he continues to show his pride for bringing us Daredevil.

And well he should. Do you know anyone who has expressed some butthurt feelings over the show being canceled and its future still mysterious on any Disney-owned product (i.e., Hulu, FX, Disney+)? Well, that’s because of DeKnight.

If he didn’t bring us a show that would help revolutionize CBMs for TV viewing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation and #SaveDaredevil wouldn’t be a hashtag that has been attached to the starring roster and thousands of fans.

Speaking of Daredevil, DeKnight was at a Netflix auction recently when Gladiator’s…eh, Melvin Potter’s suit came up for bidding. DeKnight, being a dedicated nerd in his own right, wasn’t about to let that thing go easily.

Good on him! No one deserves to own that iconic suit more than him. That is, unless you ask this Lord of the Flies reject troll:

Twitter was an ingenious creation. It allows personal content between fans, friends, and even some foes. The largest problem of Twitter — you know, outside of not having a damn edit button — is it enables cowardice and cyberbullying.

As fans, we are entitled to our opinions. If you like something, share it. If you dislike something, talk about it. If you do, back it up with objective rationale, not subjective pissing and moaning like this douchenozzle. And comparing Daredevil’s suit to “Batnips”?! In what stratosphere is that even an equal comparison?

DeKnight seemed to agree as he expressed his opinion in a slightly direct fashion:

You see, DeKnight is a writer so he needed a diagrammable sentence to express his slight displeasure related to that claim. (In other words, he pimp-slapped this guy for pissing all over his hard work.)

Do Your Homework to be a Twit

dardevil suit

Again, have your opinion but back it with reasoning. Then, be open-minded enough to debate why someone agrees or disagrees with your opinion.

We can’t get that in Washington or maybe at your job, but when nerds act like owners of a franchise — Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones…should I go on — and all they did was buy a subscription or movie ticket? That doesn’t remote qualify you to degrade someone’s vision, namely when you can’t even see what’s in front of your face.

May I serve you a nice, warm glass of Shut-the-Hell-Up?

Of course, the same self-entitled cowards of Twitter decided to pelt DeKnight following that two-word disagreement. This is how you can tell the lazy people on Twitter. They don’t read or research anything. They see one tweet and believe they have all the information they need to formulate an exact opinion.

We see that at MoviesMatrix. Strong opinions (bathed in research). Great ideas for stories. Wholly dedicated fans of the geek. We pour hours into a single post — thinking, writing, editing. Then, comes the tweet to share it.

That’s when a (very) minor subsection of Twitter’s cold underbelly rears its ugly head and closes it eyes. They don’t read the damn postThere is no research, no fact-finding. Just a spark of the veritable short fuse when they read 200 characters and assume they know it all.

They don’t and this post from DeKnight proves it:

Not for nothing, but he’s not alone in that assessment:

Annnnnnnd scene. 

Of course, DeKnight had as much as he cared to handle from Marco the mercurial genital wart of social media, so he blocked him. And why?


The Morale of the Story:

If you want to disagree with someone whom would you would never, ever meet, Twitter allows you that access, but grow up and be a human being. When your ass is showing like that, it leaves a draft for the rest of us.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Bounding Into Comics

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