The Fancasting Room | Casting a Live-Action Pokemon Adaption

The Fancasting Room | Casting a Live-Action Pokemon Adaption

I finally saw Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and while I enjoyed it, I still couldn’t help but feel like it was missing something. Don’t get me wrong, it was so cool to see the CGI recreations of so many Pokémon that I remember from my childhood, but it just didn’t completely feel like Pokemon without Ash Ketchum.

It’s entirely possible they used Detective Pikachu as a way to introduce audiences to the Pokemon universe. More importantly, to gauge interest in it. As things stand, a live-action Pokemon movie not featuring Ash, Misty, Brock and company, still made more than $430 million worldwide. Not too shabby.

Now imagine a Pokemon movie featuring Ash and company.

I did and put on my Burger King-looking crown hat as “Fancaster-in-Chief” to cast some of the most popular characters from the TV show. I have no doubt that Ash will be showing up in a live-action Pokemon movie sooner rather than later. You can only keep your most popular player on the bench for so long.


Asher Angel as ‘Ash Ketchum’

Just a teenager, Asher Angel has already played a DC superhero as Billy Batson in this year’s surprise hit, Shazam!. How many 16-year-olds can say they’re a superhero?! He’s got the youthful look and energy to pull off a very likeable and accurate portrayal of everyone’s favorite poke catcher. And I mean…his name has Ash in it…if that isn’t fate then I don’t know what is.

Zoey Deutch as ‘Misty’

Misty is a very energetic, peppy, and strong character in the cartoon show. Enter Zoey Deutch, who broke onto the scene in 2016’s Dirty Grandpa and her star has risen ever since with a starring role in Why Him? and set to star in the upcoming Zombieland sequel. She’s an incredibly talented actress who has the adorable and fiery demeanor to give us a great Misty.

Ludi Lin as ‘Brock’

Known as being the compassionate, sensitive gym leader that can’t catch a break with the ladies, Brock is definitely the muscle and protector of the trio of himself, Ash. and Misty. Ludi Lin burst on to the scene in 2017’s Power Rangers reboot where he played Zack, the cocky, insecure black Ranger. The role of Brock seems to be right in his wheelhouse.

Anna Kendrick, Adam Devine as ‘Jessie & James’

Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine would be absolutely perfect for the roles of Jessie and James. They’re both equally incredible at comedic improvisation and seamless, two-way banter. Jessie and James are responsible for a lot of the comedic relief as the villains who can’t do anything right. Seeing Devine and Kendrick bicker back and forth could provide some good comedy.

Martin Freeman as ‘Professor Oak’

Martin Freeman is an incredibly versatile and experienced actor. He’s starred as the titular character in the Hobbit series as well as having a prominent role as a CIA agent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Professor Oak acts as sort of a mentor to Ash, a role that is very easy to imagine Freeman occupying. He’s a very prominent character in the Pokemon universe; getting a charismatic, versatile, and funny actor like Freeman would be a wise move.


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