Conspiracy Nuts Rejoice: Jason Momoa Announces a ‘Snyder Cut’ Exists

Conspiracy Nuts Rejoice: Jason Momoa Announces a ‘Snyder Cut’ Exists

It all started following the closing credits on Justice League. 

The angst, controversial commentary, and overall butthurt-ness once DC stans and fans were forced to sit through an obvious microwaved version of what was promised and what could have been.

Then, came the conspiracy theorists — rumors of a “Snyder Cut.”

Surely, the man to whom so much hope had been bestowed and promise given didn’t leave the DC fandom in this much disarray. Sure, nerds can be a skosh selfish and forget about the horrific personal tragedy causing Zack Snyder to leave the promising movie in the hands of Joss Whedon.

That’s when the movement began — Twitter handles, Comic-con protests, petitions, demands directed at Warner Bros., advertising, marketing, and even search outreach on Google.

#ReleaseTheSynderCut is the clarion call among geekdom. It seems the conspiracy theory has lost theory and is slowly becoming fact. Many people want to shut it down, keep it quiet, and just move on. Then, the King of Atlantis stuck his golden trident right in the middle of it.


Yeah. That just happened.

Jason Momoa confesses he has seen the “Snyder Cut” and it is indeed “ssssiiicccckkkkkk.” Think about it: He has seen Snyder’s idea of the Black Superman suit, time travel and DC multiverses, sightings of Atom, and oh yeah… that Darkseid dude.

An alternate cut apparently exists. Snyder’s vision of what DC Comics should be is out there. Fans are clamoring. Nerds are shrieking. And Warner Bros. is peeing their collective britches.

Ladies and Gents, may I present the Zapruder film, right here on Instagram. DC / WB, it’s up to you to tell us who shot JFK. We’ll be waiting…



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