The Fancasting Room | 5 Actors to Play Nova (Richard Rider) in the MCU

The Fancasting Room | 5 Actors to Play Nova (Richard Rider) in the MCU

It’s only a matter of time until Marvel and Kevin Feige decide to bring Nova into the fold. I mean, they’ve already laid the groundwork for Richard Rider to find his way into the MCU.

In the comics, as a high school student in New York City, Richard Rider is found by the last surviving member of the Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly in Guardians of the Galaxy) and selected to replace him. Rider is then given the uniform and powers of a Nova Centurion to become Nova.

We know that Xandar was destroyed in Infinity War. What we don’t know however, is if Dey survived and made it to earth to select his replacement. The set up is there, all Feige has to do is give the go ahead and introducing Nova will be all too easy.

Now, for the million-dollar question: Who should Marvel cast to bring Rider to life in the MCU? Here are five options that absolutely would crush it.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson was an unknown commodity up until the Jurassic World movies. Since starring in the first Jurassic World in 2015, Robinson’s star has continued to rise. Following, he starred in the surprise 2018 release, Love, Simon where he received glowing reviews and widespread acclaim for his emotional and layered performance as the titular character.

He has shown that he has a lot of range and enough confidence and screen presence to lead a franchise. While he’s not quite an A-list name (yet) he’s definitely on his way and Marvel would add yet another young, talented, rising star to their roster.

Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien has been one of the most popular younger actors working today for the last few years. There’s good reason for that: the guy is talented. He carried the Maze Runner franchise as the lead character Thomas. Those films were good because of O’Brien, and that role alone proves he’s more than capable of carrying a franchise.

The guy also has some incredible range and versatility as an actor, as seen on American Assassin, Deepwater Horizon, or even on F. He’s someone who has a magnetic presence on screen, able to command audiences attentions and steal scenes with ease. Comfortable with and capable of handling action heavy roles, being able to deliver emotional and layer performances, and being young enough to play this role for years to come; O’Brien would be a fantastic addition to the Marvel roster.

Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton is an actor who’s star has been rapidly on the rise since his breakout, scene stealing performance in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Since then he’s starred in a Kingsman sequel (with a third on the way), a (very meh) Robin Hood reimagining, and as the iconic Elton John in this years Rocketman.

He proved with his performance as Eggsy in Kingsman that he’s a bonafide action star and with his performance in Rocketman, he proved that, well…this guy is talented af. Egerton has also become quite popular in the comic-book film/geek community as there have plenty of people voicing their desire to see him play the new Wolverine in the MCU. While you’d hear no complaints from me if that casting happened, I believe Nova seems like a perfect for an actor like Egerton.

Miles Teller

This guys needs another shot at a superhero role! He was an inspired choice by Josh Trank as Reed Richards in that god awful Fantastic Four reboot. The movie’s failings had nothing to do with Teller though as he still gave a pretty good performance working with what he was given. Make no mistake though, Miles Teller has talent.

His roles in films like Whiplash and Bleed for This more than prove that. Teller possesses enormous range as an actor, able to easily transition from his smart, witty brand of humor to emotional filled dramatics with relative ease. He’s easily always on of, if not the brightest, bright spot in every film he’s starred/featured in. At one point Teller was one of the most mentioned names in Hollywood for talented young actors, give this man the role of Nova and watch him knock it out of the park.

Logan Lerman

Here’s a name you don’t hear very often anymore. Lerman at one point in time, not too long ago, was also a name you heard a lot when talking about talented younger actors. He broke onto the scene back in 2009 in the movie Gamer opposite Gerard Butler. After that, Lerman landed the titular role in the Percy Jackson franchise, and then as d’Artagnan in 2011’s The Three Musketeers. In 2014 Lerman starred in two big films, Fury and the biblical retelling of Noah. This guy was everywhere.

Then…he kind of disappeared. No more Percy Jackson films have been made and Lerman is too old for the role by now anyways. He needs another franchise to lead. He has more than enough experience in action heavy films and looking at his credits listed above, the guy very clearly has talent. He just needs another franchise leading role to prove it again and Nova may very well be that role.


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