The Fancasting Room | 5 Actresses Ready to ‘Hulk Out’ as She Hulk

The Fancasting Room | 5 Actresses Ready to ‘Hulk Out’ as She Hulk

It’s (finally) official! Bruce Banner won’t be the only Hulk rampaging around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for long. At the D23 Expo, it was announced Jen Walters / She-Hulk will be getting her own series on Disney Plus (along with ‘Moon Knight’ and Ms. Marvel’).

News like this brings up one main subject for me: Fancasting. You may recall, I’ve already done a Ms. Marvel casting article and a Moon Knight fancast is on the way, but this article is completely dedicated to green woman herself.

Following an injury, Jen Walters received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. The blood transfusion granted Walters with a far milder version of Banner’s Hulk “condition.” She is able to retain much of her personality, intelligence, and emotion even after turning big and green. Although, like Banner, she becomes stronger the angrier she gets.

Let’s take a look at who could bring Jen Walters to life.

Alexandra Daddario

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Alexandra Daddario could honestly be perfect for quite a few different characters, but Jen Walters/She-Hulk might be at the top of that list. Yes, Daddario is absolutely stunning, but she’s also extremely talented. Plenty of fans know that thanks to some of her bigger roles in films like Percy Jackson, Baywatch, and San Andreas.

She can more than handle herself in action heavy roles and has the talent to lead a franchise of her own. I dare you to try and take your eyes off her when she’s on screen and I’m not talking about her looks, she has a way of stealing every scene she’s in with her intense and magnetic performances.

Emmy Rossum

CREDIT: Richard Shotwell/Shutterstock

Emmy Rossum is a multi-faceted and insanely talented actress. Primarily known for her role as Fiona Gallagher on the hit dramedy Shameless, Rossum carried every episode and season of that Showtime series. In that role, Rossum proved she is more than capable of leading a franchise as the lead.

Her experience delves in action-heavy films as well, seen in Poseidon and Dragonball Evolution. While she’s not a huge movie star–mostly by choice as she’s chosen to stick to TV and now directing–make no mistake that Rossum would crush this role.

Katherine Waterson


Katherine Waterson has an extensive acting resume with a ton of diverse experience. Despite her pedigree, she didn’t really breakout until her co-starring role opposite Eddie Redmayne in 2016’s Harry Potter spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (and that sequel).

Waterson exhibited in those films that she can hold her own, no matter with whom she’s acting. She’s pretty damn convincing as an action star, as well having also starred in Alien: Covenant. Waterson is a rising star, one that Marvel would love to have join their roster.

Anne Hathaway

CREDIT: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

I’m not sure I need to convince you of this casting choice. Anne Hathaway has put together quite a remarkable career, especially considering she got her start by starring in The Princess Diaries. Her talent and range are undeniable, adequately showcased in every role in which she is featured.

She’s also no stranger to comic-book roles, notably in a fantastic performance as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Hathaway is a giant star, which might be the best option for Marvel when bringing the lesser-known She Hulk to life on screen.

Alison Brie

CREDIT: Shutterstock/Deadline

Alison Brie is mostly known for her comedic acting. She is hilarious starring in films like Get Hard, The Disaster Artist, and the Lego Movie: Part 2. Brie really is a well-known commodity at this point in her career.

While she excels in comedy roles, she’s shown in all her roles to have the range to be more than just a comedic actress. She is very magnetic on screen, able to command the audiences’ attention and take over scenes with absolute ease. This could be the role that turns Brie into a true household name.


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