Whatever It Takes: Endgame Takes A Record from Queen

Isn’t it bad enough that Thanos whooped up on the Avengers for so long? Now, the Purple People Eater needs to come after Freddie Mercury and Queen?!

That’s what happened, as reported by the BBC.

When Avengers: Endgame announced it was coming to digital, nerds all over Europe prepared themselves for the country-wide download. And servers everywhere were bursting at the seams as it became the highest-ever opening week of UK digital download sales in history at 335,400 downloads in its first week!

The previous record was held by Bohemian Rhapsodywhich earned the downloads of 265,000 music lovers across the pond. I suppose turnabout is fair play because the Queen biopic nabbed the record from Avengers: Infinity War, which held the UK digital download record at 253,000 in its first week.

It looks like the global domination continues as Endgame recently booted the Na’vi right off the mountaintop taking the most profitable movie in cinematic history spot surpassing Avatar’s cashes at $2.79 billion.

Are we about to say, “We love you 3 billion?!” Looks like Thanos is maneuvering his stones to make it happen.

Way to go, Thanos. You big bully.



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