The Fancasting Room | Recasting the ‘Inhumans’ for the MCU

The Fancasting Room | Recasting the ‘Inhumans’ for the MCU

Rumor has it Marvel Studios is reconsidering the Inhumans involvement in the MCU. This is surprising since the ABC show was an absolute bomb scoring low ratings, awful critiques, and a laughable audience reception. It’s also surprising because Marvel has regained ownership of the X-Men, which could drastically reduce the need for the Inhumans.

Nonetheless, there is a legitimate rumor. That’s a good thing because the Inhumans has some cool characters who would be awesome to see done right on the big screen.

Following ABC’s debacle, we can agree those characters definitely deserve justice.

Details regarding how Marvel would incorporate these characters are scarce, but one thing is for sure, recasting –or, in this case, fancasting–is in order. Marvel doesn’t want audiences to associate the new Inhumans with their previously failed attempt, so let’s give them some help.

Jon Hamm as ‘Black Bolt’

CREDIT: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Blackagar Boltagon’s (Black Bolt) power set extends far beyond any of his peers and subjects. Only problem is…he can’t make a sound. Just a tiny whisper could cause city-wide destruction, which presents the challenge. The actor playing Black Bolt must be skilled in conveying emotion through facial expression and body language.

We’re going to get Jon Hamm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe one way or another and this could be how. There’s a plethora of characters for which Hamm makes a good fit, but the character of Black Bolt could be the most fitting. Hamm has huge star power, largely by being a skilled and accomplished actor. He’s shown his versatility throughout his career and able to thrive in multiple kinds of roles. That will come in handy here. It is time for Hamm to enter the MCU.

Rebecca Ferguson as ‘Medusa’

CREDIT: Erik Pendzich/REX Shutterstock

Rebecca Ferguson is a name I’m sure Marvel and Disney would love to add to their already loaded collection of talent. Ferguson’s career really took off after her scene-stealing performance as MI6 agent Elsa Faust in 2015’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Since then, she has put together an extensive and impressive résumé, featuring in a number high-profile films.

Ferguson is in demand, and is by-far one of the most talented actresses working today. She has an extremely commanding presence on screen, which is good for someone playing the Queen of the Inhumans. In addition to being an extremely powerful character (who can use her hair as a weapon), she is also the only person who can truly communicate with Black Bolt. Just imagine Hamm and Ferguson as the royal couple leading the Inhumans.

Donnie Yen as ‘Karnak’


Unlike his Inhuman brothers and sisters, Karnak was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists. Despite this, Karnak is every bit as extraordinary as the rest of the royal family. Raised in the Tower of Wisdom, Karnak became a master of martial arts, which also allowed him to hone his ability to sense weakness in any living thing or object. He also acts as the philosopher of the family.

For the martial arts aspect alone, Donnie Yen would be a homerun casting for Karnak. Whoever plays Karnak in a reboot needs to be able to walk the line between being an ultra badass with his fighting skills and a wise leader. A difficult line to walk but one that Yen would be capable of walking. His role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is incredibly similar to the role of Karnak in those aspects, of which Yen was a core highlight. He could do the same here.

Clive Standen as ‘Gorgon’

CREDIT: Rob Latour/Rex/Shutterstock

With Black Bolt’s incredible power levels, it’s hard to imagine why he would need a bodyguard. Yet, he has one. Gorgon is much more than just a bodyguard however. In addition to keeping his king safe, Gorgon Petragon also serves as the trainer for young Inhumans who have recently gone through Terrigenisis. This process left Gorgon with hooves where his feet used to be and gave him the ability to create powerful shockwaves when he stomps on the ground.

Enter Clive Standen, not a big star but still very talented. He has the right build and look for the role as Gorgon, someone intimidating in stature. Standen played Rollo on History Channel’s hit show, Vikings. His role then is eerily similar to Gorgon in that Rollo was the unofficial bodyguard to his brother and king, Ragnar Lothbrok. That role showcased Standen’s incredible range as an actor and showed how effortless he can handle heavy-action scenes.

Emma Watson as ‘Crystal’

SOURCE: Nong Nong Magazine Co., Ltd

Emma Watson is one of the most talented and recognizable actresses working today. Her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series cemented her status as a star and put the world on notice that this woman can act with the best of them. Crystallia Amaquelin is Queen Medusa’s younger sister. She has the ability to control the elements such as Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. So yeah, you could say she’s pretty powerful.

Watson would be a terrific addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s unbelievable, talented, and yes, drop dead gorgeous. Despite her talent and status as one of the most popular actresses in the world, she’s yet to appear in a comic book film. Better late than never I always say! Watson would fit the role of Crystal perfectly. She has range like no other and is already well-versed in playing strong female characters.

Cillian Murphy as ‘Maximus the Mad’

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Maximus Boltagon is not only Black Bolt’s greatest enemy, but he is also his only brother. He’s both a genius and a Grade-A psychopath. His powers are psionic in nature and give him the ability to impose his will onto others without their consistent and regardless of how much they resist. He also possesses the ability to control the minds of others, which makes him a very formidable and dangerous adversary.

Iwan Rheon played Maximus in the failed TV series but he was by far the lone highlight. The character of Maximus is a juicy and delightfully evil role in which plenty of actors would love to sink their teeth. Cillian Murphy is an actor that could really have some fun with this role. Murphy is no stranger to comic book roles either as he played Scarecrow in Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Murphy is an incredible talent with a lot of range. It’s very easy to see him completely owning the role of the scorned younger brother who is pulling strings behind the scenes to seize power for himself.


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