Will Andy Muschietti Bring ‘The Flash’ An “It” Factor and Hope for DC’s Future?

Will Andy Muschietti Bring ‘The Flash’ An “It” Factor and Hope for DC’s Future?

You read that correctly: Andy effin’ Muschetti is making The Flash! 

While he is out doing press junkets promoting his latest project IT: Chapter 2, he managed to create news for the future that fans of the now-defunct DCEU by confirming that he is indeed bringing us The Flash…but there’s a catch. 

If you are jumping around in your latest Emo collection from Hot Topic because horror is totally your jam, stop jumping. Muschetti is not bringing the scares to Central City. As he exclusively shared with Fandango:

When [Fandango correspondent Nikki Novak] followed up to ask if his Flash movie would contain horror elements similar to the IT movies, Muschietti seemingly shot that down.

“An element of horror? I don’t think so. What captivated me about the Flash is the human drama in it,” he said. “The human feelings and emotions that play in the drama [of it]. It’s going to be fun, too. I can’t promise that there will be any horror [elements in it], really, but it’s a beautiful human story.”

The True “It Factor”

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So, there’s that. Don’t be dismayed because an “It Factor” Muschetti can bring is a two-fold source of hope: The man can tell a detailed story that presents a tapestry of twists and turns and he most definitely can build a character out of what others believe should be.

Look what he did with Pennywise and the Losers Club of Derry. He made a brilliant adaptation from a premier source of thought in Stephen King’s book. DC Comics has one of its most popular characters in Barry Allen as ‘The Flash’ as another source Muschetti can mold however he deems appropriate.

If you are a fan of the current CW series or have been of the comics, this should be fun — with or without any jump scares.

If you liked Flash’s adaptation from Ezra Miller, you already know he is committed (and signed) to bring Barry back to the big screen. Now entrusted to one of the hottest directors out there, there is an “It Factor”.

It’s Muschetti himself.

We know what he is capable of making. Although most of his credits have focused on horror (e.g., It, Mama), he is about to flex outside of that realm. He has been signed to recreate Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama’s manga about a monster hunter out for revenge

Muschetti gets to develop a world in which humanity lives in cities surrounded by massive walls protecting themselves from gigantic humanoids or “Titans.”

Sure, there could be horror elements in there, but it’s going to be focused on the struggle against the Titans. In short, Andy is going to nerd out. Then, he gets to continue that geek mode with The Flash. 

Again, the “IT” factor is him, and that is the reason DC fans to calm down because the true elements of horror is not gore or jump scares. Horror is the exploration of characters (mostly evil ones, but nonetheless), a fear of death and the dark (both more human interest than anything), and making that fear into a surprise.

And that is where fans should focus — not on what’s missing, but rather what’s to come.

We Hope So

SOURCE: Justice League / Warner Bros.

There’s no need in rehashing the gut-wrenching saga with Zack Snyder given an ouster and fans given the “Josstice League.” DC stans and enthusiasts need to watch some classic Disney movies just to feel good about life again. Out of that mess (in the eyes of many fans) came some great development of characters.

We saw Wonder Woman become a leader of men. We watched Batman express his humanity and Superman his love. Cyborg showed his dominance within DC and the King of Atlantis showed his own dominance before we saw it on full display.

Finally, although there are documented problems with what Joss Whedon made Barry Allen to become, his own psyche was on full display.

Now, that we have turned the page on Justice League (except the conspiracy theorists and Snyder Cut acolytes), where does DC stand?

Along came Aquaman. 

James Wan saved DC Comics and WB Pictures. The movie was an original, an answer to prayer, and the tandem’s first-ever billion-dollar movie. The lights stayed on for a few more months and most of the employees stayed gainfully employed.

Then came Shazam! 

What’s this? It’s a winning streak?! Of course, in the world of Detective Comics, all good things will come to an end. From there, we lost Batfleck and (most likely) Super Cavill. DC lost a multiverse (before it even started). In short, people love DC’s characters but hate the way they are managed by Warner Bros.

Yes, DC Fans Have Hope


Now, just like the logo on Henry Cavill’s chest, fans and stans of DC really can breathe easy. That hope for DC’s cinematic future is resting in the hands of some talented directors and fantastic storytellers:

  • James Gunn is about to begin The Suicide Squad 
  • Ava DuVernay is preparing to shoot New Gods (and Darkseid!)
  • Patty Jenkins is almost done with Wonder Woman 1984 (and WW3 is on slate)
  • Todd Phillips is about to unveil an Oscar-nominated Joker
  • Matt Reeves is preparing his opus with Battinson as The Batman
  • Cathy Yan is dropping “leaks” with Birds of Prey (big breath) and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
  • James Wan is committed to creating Aquaman 2 and possibly a horror-themed version of The Trench 
  • David Sandberg is coming back to create Shazam 2
  • David Ayer is in talks to create Gotham City Sirens
  • Chris McKay is also chatting about Nightwing
  • Jaume Collet-Serra is the man behind Black Adam 
  • Gareth Edwards is the rumor behind Deathstroke
  • Even Michael Bay has been rumored to create Lobo
  • Even more, Steven Spielberg is developing Blackhawk

To summarize, DC fans: If you can’t find hope in that list, take your comic patch off your blue jean jacket and find a new genre to geek out at your local nerd store. Andy Muschetti is clearly another great name Warner Bros. and DC Comics have gathered together to develop some fantastic movies.

“It” Factor? All of them have it. These films will have it. 

And eventually, we will all get it too.


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