The Fancasting Room | ‘Gotham City Sirens’ Poison Ivy

The Fancasting Room | ‘Gotham City Sirens’ Poison Ivy

It’s no secret that Warner Bros and DC Comics want to capitalize on Margot Robbie’s star power as well as the positive reception of her performance as Harley Quinn in the much maligned Suicide Squad. At one point, there were at least five concurrent projects in development that featured Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Luckily, not all of those projects are still in development because if they proceeded with all those ‘Harley-Centric’ projects, DC and WB would risk character fatigue. However, two of those projects are moving forward–the two projects everyone should have wanted any way.

Birds of Prey is releasing next year and there is no release date yet for Gotham City Sirens. These are two female-led ensemble films featuring some of the most popular female comic characters of all time.

  • Birds of Prey features Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Jurnee Smollet-Bell’s Black Canary and Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress.
  • Gotham Sirens will feature Robbie’s Quinn again, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.

We haven’t seen a live-action Poison Ivy since Uma Thurman brought the character to life in Joel Schumacher’s critically panned Batman & Robin. Thurman was a highlight as the character, but now it’s time to bring the character back to the big screen. I have some ladies who are more than up for the task.

Rose Leslie

SOURCE: Marie Claire/Rex/Shutterstock

Best known for her role as Ygritte on HBO’s global phenomenon, Game of Thrones, Rose Leslie is a highly talented actress waiting for the big time film role that will rocket her into stardom. Now that her husband, fellow Game of Thrones alum Kit Harrington, is joining the MCU as Black Knight in The Eternals, it’s only right that Leslie gets in on the comic book train as well.

Outside of Game of Thrones, Leslie’s other major credits include a co-starring role opposite Vin Diesel in 2015’s The Last Witch Hunter and a lead role in 2016’s sci-fi/horror mashup Morgan. While her resume isn’t extensive, her talent and acting ability is undeniable. She would give us a much different take on the character than we got from Thurman. DC and WB would be wise to have Leslie’s name on their casting list.

Olivia Wilde

This casting seems like an absolute home run. Everything about Olivia Wilde just screams she would be a perfect Ivy. Just die her hair red and boom. Wilde is a phenomenally talented actress who has proven throughout her career she’s more than capable of stealing scenes and carrying movies.

She’s also proven with roles like Quorra in Tron Legacy that she’s a bonafide badass. Her role in that film is all that’s needed to convince you she’s perfectly capable of whooping some ass with little to no effort at all. Pairing a big name star like Olivia Wilde with a seductive, mischievous, and deadly character like Poison Ivy seems like a match made in heaven. You hear me, DC?

Natalie Dormer

CREDIT: Casting Directors’ Guild Awards/Scarlet Page

Like Olivia Wilde, everything about Natalie Dormer also radiates Poison Ivy vibes. First, breaking out as the seductress Anne Boleyn on the Tudors, Dormer then joined the cast of Game of Thrones (yes, another GoT alum) as the deceiving, seductive, and clever Queen Margaery. Both of those roles have strong hints of Ivy in the performances that Dormer gives.

In addition to her impressive television resume, Dormer also already has experience with blockbuster franchises with a moderately sized role in the last two Hunger Games films. She’s proven time and again through her various roles she is an incredibly talented and versatile actress. In all honesty, she may very well be the best pick of them all to play this new live-action version of Ivy.

Madeline Petsch

madeline petsch
CREDIT: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Although she’s only known for one role, it is because of that role Madeline Petsch is on this list. Petsch plays Cherly Blossom on the hit television series, Riverdale. As someone who admittedly has seen the entire first season (and a little bit of the second), let me tell you this: Petsch is the most powerful performer on the show and easily overshadows her co-stars.

She plays the character with such raw emotion and intense menace that it makes her character feel dangerous and slightly unstable. Petsch also adds a sense of charm and sympathy to her character. DC would be smart to snatch up a young rising star like Petsch.

Deborah Ann Woll

CREDIT: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

There’s no shame in jumping universes, especially when your show was cancelled and may not even be canon anyway. Yes, I’m talking about Daredevil. Specifically, I’m talking about Karen Page played by Deborah Ann Woll. She was onto something great with that character. It is a shame we won’t get to see where else she was taking Karen in future seasons.

Karen Page was only an interesting character because of Woll. She really embodied the character and played her in a way the audience couldn’t help but root for her. Woll doesn’t have a extensive film resume, but she did star in this year’s Escape Room. That limited film resume shouldn’t matter because she has proven in television roles that she has talent who is ready to make the jump into a major film franchise.

Featured Image Courtesy: DC Comics/Robert Kanigher/Sheldon Moldoff

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