The Fancasting Room | DC’s Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

The Fancasting Room | DC’s Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

A Batgirl movie at this point seems inevitable. At one point in time, Avengers Director Joss Whedon was attached to direct the project, but then….Justice League happened.

That absolute train wreck of a film got Whedon kicked from the Batgirl project, whether that’s fair or not is a whole other discussion entirely. But, Whedon took a lot of the heat for the reception to Justice League and thus, that’s the way the cookie crumbles (Bruce Almighty anyone?)

However, just because Whedon is no longer directing doesn’t mean Batgirl lost her movie! No, a Batgirl movie is still firmly in DC and WB’s plans. Studios aren’t quick to walk away from female led films anymore, in fact, female led films are almost invincible in today’s society because they are in such high demand.

Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is the daughter of Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon. She appears in the comics as both Batgirl and Oracle, but her transition to Oracle takes place after she was shot in the spine by the Joker, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. The role of Batgirl was then passed on to other strong female characters, including Cassandra Cain who just so happens to be appearing in the new Birds of Prey film.

Barbara Gordon is by far the most popular version of Batgirl, it would be wise for DC to start with this version of the character and then transition her into Oracle while another character (Cassie Cain) takes over the Batgirl mantle. But who could play our live action Barbara Gordon?

I have some options, like always!

Daisy Ridley

Image courtesy of Pedestrian.Tv

Far and away the fan favorite pick it seems like. Whenever I see Batgirl being discussed on Twitter or in articles, Daisy Ridley’s name is always one of the first names to pop up as a potential candidate to bring Barbara Gordon to life. This would be a huge home run for DC should they be able to convince Ridley to sign on.

It’s indisputable that Ridley is one of the most popular actresses working today. That’s thanks in large part to Disney and Lucasfilm for casting her as Rey in the new Star Wars films. Ridley quickly became a fan favorite in the Star Wars fandom. Her role as Rey has already groomed her to be able to take on a superhero role. Is there really much difference between a Jedi and a Superhero after all? She’s a great actress with an absolutely infectious smile. I have no doubt she would absolutely crush as Batgirl.

Emma Watson

Image courtesy of Mental Floss

This, honestly, would be another home run casting for DC. This one actually might be a little easier to make happen as well. Ridley currently has a good working relationship with Disney thanks to Star Wars, it’s possible she’s already a shoe in for the MCU, Emma Watson on the other hand has a rock solid relationship with Warner Brothers thanks to her career defining role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films.

Watson, like Ridley, is no stranger to playing the strong female heroine. Her role as Hermione proved that she can hang with the boys when it comes to kicking ass. She easily stole every scene she was in in those Potter films, and while Harry was technically the main character and hero of the story, Watson’s portrayal of Hermione was so powerful that you’d be forgiven if you thought she was the lead in those films. This seems like a match made in heaven, hope you’re listening WB!

Olivia Cooke

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Olivia Cooke is a vastly underrated actress. Probably because her resume doesn’t feature a ton of high profile, blockbuster affair. But make no mistake, this girl has some serious talent. And while there aren’t a lot of big budget studio credits to her name, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t starred in any at all. On the contrary, Cooke recently starred in the Steven Spielberg directed adaptation of Ready Player One.

It’s her role as Samantha/Artemis Ready Player One that really made me strongly consider her for the role of Batgirl. She showed her ability to handle roles that require a lot of action, and her ability to outshine whomever she is acting opposite of. Bates Motel fans were already well aware of Cooke’s talent as she was a mainstay on that series for the entire five seasons the show was on air, but for those less familiar I’d suggest watching Ready Player One. That should provide all the evidence you need to convince you of Cooke’s talent.

Jane Levy

Image courtesy of 24Celebs.Com

This might be the most out of the box choice on this list, which could mean she’s best the best option for the role as well. Jane Levy is best known for her work in the horror/action genre. After being possessed and fighting demons in the remake of Evil Dead, Levy then went on to score a surprise sleeper-hit in the horror/thriller Don’t Breathe opposite Stephen Lang.

Her role in Don’t Breathe perhaps serves as the best example of Levy’s range as an actress. That role required a lot out of her, and she delivered in spades. One of the most convincing and suspenseful performances in a horror film I’ve ever seen. Also having starring roles in his tv series such as Shameless and Castle Rock, Levy is hardly an unknown commodity. She’s yet to find that breakout role to skyrocket her career, Batgirl could very well be that role.

Zoey Deutch

Image courtesy of WWD.Com

Like Ridley, Zoey Deutch is another actress that’s new-ish to the scene, and yet already finds herself in high demand. She has this likeability to her that causes audiences to automatically gravitate towards her when she’s on screen. While she doesn’t have any blockbuster action film credits to her name, she has already starred in some pretty high profile and popular films.

With roles in well known films like: Dirty Grandpa, Why Him?, The Disaster Artist, and the Netflix Rom-Com, Set It Up, it’s safe to say that Deutch really thrives in comedic environments. Yet, in the majority of those roles her character goes through some emotional events which required Deutch to display some range outside of comedy, and well….the woman can act! Her first action related film credit will come next month as she’s starring in the Zombieland sequel. Maybe her second action related film credit will be in DC’s Batgirl?



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