Stan Lee’s Daughter Smacks POW in the Mouth, Sues for Daddy’s IP

Stan Lee’s Daughter Smacks POW in the Mouth, Sues for Daddy’s IP

The “Daddy’s Little Girl Sticks It to Big Brother” tour continues as Joan Cella “JC” Lee scorches earth against all things Disney and Marvel Studios. You may remember JC went public about how the House of the Mouse allegedly turned its tail on the Stan Lee estate following his death in November 2018.

Since then, JC hasn’t been bashful about her bruised feelings given the now foiled divorce proceedings between Sony Pictures and Disney over Spider-Man and his presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Coming for air, JC has pushed that aside and set her sights on a new victim.

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Now Sony and Marvel had decided to bury the hatchet, JC determined now is as good as time as ever to bury another one directly in another-related Stan Lee venture’s back. Last Thursday, as the trustee for the Lee Family Survivor’s Trust, she filed suit in California federal court against POW! Entertainment.

To be fair, a previous $1 billion lawsuit was dropped against how POW executives “took advantage” of an ailing Lee “inducing him to sign documents under fraudulent pretenses or forging his signature.”

A press release conveyed the news along with an alleged statement from Lee, who was attributed as saying, “The whole thing has been confusing to everyone, including myself and the fans, but I am now happy to be surrounded by those who want the best for me. I am thrilled to put the lawsuit behind me, get back to business with my friends and colleagues at POW! and launch the next wave of amazing characters and stories!”

And POW Goes the Dynamite

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Now that JC has Marvel and Disney out of her sights, she is fully committed to protecting her father from his former company.

You may recall back when Marvel was actually a fledgling company and the Infinity Saga was only a glimmer in Thanos’ eye in the 1990s, Stan Lee took his rightful intellectual property and set up another company. Of course, Marvel would make nice with its godfather and nerds everywhere would learn to cherish his cameos. Yet, POW would still possess all the Stan Lee likenesses.

“By this lawsuit, Stan Lee’s heir and Estate seek to perform the covenant Stan Lee made with his namesake company and remedy the wrongs inflicted by trusted business associates over the last two decades,” states the complaint.

“It is intended to restore the rights he assigned to the namesake company he founded when he was liberated from a 60-year career with Marvel Comics, the comic book company he founded and creatively directed to become the preeminent Superhero entertainment company in the world.”

The suit aims for nothing less than a rewriting of Lee’s story, with examination of what happened in the years between 2001 and 2017 where some of Lee’s partners including Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman allegedly “misled” him into believing he should reassign rights “on no less than 6 occasions.”

A spokesperson for POW! Entertainment, stated, “It is truly unfortunate that Stan Lee’s name has to be involved in these continued frivolous actions which are truly nothing more than family drama… We are more than confident that this case will be promptly disposed of by the courts.”

Glad they are. After JC’s rampage defending her Daddy, pretty sure POW is the only entity confident about anything related to Stan Lee. Maybe.



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