The Fancasting Room | Recasting The Man of Steel

The Fancasting Room | Recasting The Man of Steel

At this point, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting a Man of Steel 2ever.

A sequel that should have been near the top of Warner Bros’ and DC’s priority list, somehow miraculously hasn’t happened yet, despite it being almost seven years since the release of Man of Steel.

Ben Affleck has already been replaced as Batman as Robert Pattinson is set to take over the role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. That’s one of DC’s core characters that have already had the actor recast, and it’s no secret that Henry Cavill isn’t happy about the severe lack of movement on a sequel to his characters origin film.

Let me say this: I — along with many fans — absolutely loved Man of Steel; specifically, Cavill’s portrayal of Superman.

Unfortunately, I believe WB and DC are hitting the reset button and wiping most.of the Snyder-related aspects from their universe. They’re keeping Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa as Wonder Woman and Aquaman obviously, but I think an announcement of a Superman recasting is coming sooner or later.

Cavill deserves better…but, the show must go on. Let’s take a look at some potential replacements who could don the cape should DC do the inevitable…replace Cavill.

Alexander Skarsgard

Source: Niklas Halle’n/AFP/Getty Images

Alexander Skarsgard is an actor who is constantly popping up in fancasts. The superhero community thinks very fondly of him, and for good reason. Throughout his outstanding career, he has been given starring roles in films like Battleship, The Giver, The Legend of Tarzan and an upcoming lead role in 2020’s Godzilla v Kong. 

He’s proven to be no slouch in the action department — his role in The Legend of Tarzan as the titular character put any worries there to rest (e.g., his physique, his skill). Like Cavill, Skarsgard is absolutely jacked. His role on the hit show True Blood serves as the best example of how talented and versatile he is as an actor while also showcasing Skarsgard’s ability to lead a project as the star. Superman could be next. 

Benjamin Walker

Source: Rex/Shutterstock

We haven’t heard much from Benjamin Walker in quite some time. Ever since his role as one of our greatest presidents ever, Abraham Lincoln, Walker has kind of disappeared from the spotlight. Not that Walker was ever really in the spotlight, but that’s okay. Neither was Cavill before he took on the role.

He definitely has the looks to pull off a physically accurate Clark Kent/Superman, and his role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter showcased not only Walker’s fantastic range and versatility, but also his ability to be convincing in action sequences. Walker is no stranger to comic book adaptations recently in Marvel’s and Netflix’s Jessica Jones Season 3. Superman could be the role Walker has been missing.

Tom Hopper

'The Umbrella Academy' TV show premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 12 Feb 2019
Source: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Another slightly lesser known choice, Tom Hopper is a fantastically talented and gifted actor who has had roles in some popular projects, including a massively popular TV series, but has still managed to keep flying under the radar. Casting Hopper in the role of Superman would continue the trend of casting a British actor in the role. He, like Cavill, also has an imposing stature to pull off an intimidating take on the character.

Hopper had a small recurring role on HBO’s Game of Thrones as Samwell Tarely’s older brother, Dickon, who was burned alive by a dragon (poor Dickon). Hopper then obtained some comic book adaptations experience as he upgraded to a starring role in Netflix’s adaptation of The Umbrella Academy, in which his character was a standout.

He’s also secured roles in upcoming films like Terminator: Dark Fate and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. It’s a perfect situation for DC, Hopper is a young, talented actor whose star is on the rise, DC should pounce while they can.

Finn Wittrock

Source: Interview Magazine/Jovan Todorovic

If you’re an American Horror Story fan, then you are well acquainted with Finn Wittrock. If you’re not an AHS fan, then…become one! While he’s not in every season, he easily is one of the biggest highlights every time he hits the story. His roles are never same either, Wittrock has appeared in three seasons of the show: Freak Show, Hotel, and Roanoke. Each character in those respective seasons are vastly different exhibiting his talent and versatility.

Aside from that, the man has the look of Superman down pat, including a killer jawline that might even put the Superman in the comics to shame. Outside of his roles on AHS, and only being 34 years old, Wittrock has an extensive resume and a ton of film, television and stage experience. He doesn’t have a ton of big budget film credits to his name, but he has featured in some critically acclaimed films such as La La Land, If Beale Street Could Talk, and The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

Superman would be a role vastly different from anything he has done before, but he’s like a chameleon, which makes him a great choice for this role.

Darren Criss

NBC's "76th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals
Source: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Anybody who has seen FX’s American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, knows how unbelievably talented Darren Criss is as an actor. The man is the textbook definition of a character actor: he becomes what he is portraying. He is an undeniably fantastic in the lead role as Andrew Cunanan, the man who killed Versace.

Criss is charismatic, charming, and terrifying in the role. He gives such an emotional and powerful performance that overshadowed everyone in every scene. Seems like the caliber of actor Warner Bros. and DC would want to play one of, if not the, most important comic book characters of all time. Not to mention, Criss definitely has the looks to pull off a convincing Kal-El and also possesses a jawline capable of rivaling comic Supes. His next big role is in the film Midway, which releases later this year.

Criss’ star is definitely still rising thanks to Versace, but he hasn’t had that breakout role yet. Could Superman be it?



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