The Dude Abides | ‘Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’ Makes Seasons Amazing

The Dude Abides | ‘Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’ Makes Seasons Amazing

The expansion of 2018’s Forsaken brought a multitude of changes that fixed, improved, and added so much to the game as a whole, including the way the game released content. Instead of having a huge fall expansion followed by a year of nothing, Bungie now gives players three seasons of content to fill in that gap.

As great as their intentions were, two of the three previous seasons fell sort of flat due to repetitive activities and a heavy focus on single game-modes. The third season was in fact the opposite as it added refreshing activities and mechanics (Menagerie and Chalice of Opulence) that gave players something to grind for.

Much like Forsaken, Shadowkeep will be changing the game again, revamping the way these seasons work, and boy do two aspects of it sound amazing.

Culminating Each Season

Source: Bungie/Destiny 2

Unlike its predecessor, these seasons will each further the story set up by the last, culminating in an event that, as Bungie puts it, “you won’t want to miss.”

Their goal is to turn the game into a live-world (a world that evolves over time) that “players can create memories and say things like ‘I was there when’,” as Luke Smith states.

While this isn’t the first game of its kind, it has the potential to bring live-worlds to the masses like never before.

Most other live-world games, like World of Warcraft, are strictly on PC and only targeted at a portion of the gaming community. Destiny, on the other hand, is on most platforms and spans a wide variety of player-types and is accessible to many more people.

If this does end up being as cool as it sounds, this could take off in a big way. Even if it doesn’t this is still huge for the game.

A live-world just feels right for a game like Destiny. The game has always had the elements of one, yet seemingly held back. Finally, this feels like a natural step forward into what the game was destined to be (pun-intended).

Seasonal Artifacts Change the Game

Source: Bungie/Destiny 2

Every season will introduce players to a new seasonal artifact that they can upgrade to gain additional perks and abilities. At the turn of each season, players will lose this artifact and gain a new one full of brand new perks.

This is nothing but great news as it gives players something new to chase and consider when building their characters. Developers at Bungie have even stated that once upgraded these artifacts can have close to exotic-level perks. Though it is unclear just how good these perks will be as of now, the concept is intriguing.

If these artifacts change the way you play the game as much as they seem, then this is a genius move on Bungie’s part to keep the meta fresh and ever-changing. Never again will players be stuck using their Graviton Lance in the crucible for months on end (remember those days?).

There’s plenty to talk about with the new seasons, such as the new activities and battle pass-style progression system, but these two changes are by far the biggest and most exciting being made. They’re not just adding new content, but changing the game in meaningful ways.

If it wasn’t apparent before, this further proves how much Bungie cares about the game and its community and will continue to create content that pushes the game in new directions.


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