Three Theories About ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’

Three Theories About ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of pop culture. Like it or not, you know it to be true!

Each piece of information about the new opus trilogy has created much speculation. Like Snoke would say, “A trailer rises and the theories to meet it.” Today, I would like to speak about my favorite Star Wars IX theories with that backdrop. 

Now I will not mention the ones everybody is sharing concerning Rey and her mysterious affiliation with Palpatine. Let the Force be with us all.

Ghosts From the Past

star wars the last jedi yoda

In The Last Jedi, we saw our favorite little green friend (No, not Hulk. I said “little”), Master Yoda! And, while he lost his body, he gained so much more by becoming one with the Force! In my opinion, he’s not the only spirit that’ll make a comeback…

Remember, Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Anakin “The Chosen One” Skywalker, and his own son, Master Luke Skywalker are ghosts too!

They could all potentially appear in The Rise of Skywalker and use their combined wisdom to teach a trick or two to Rey, guide her new adventures, and help her to keep the Light alive! In Star Wars VIII, we saw what one Force ghost was capable of doing.

What would happen if four of them unleashed their powers at the same time?

And what kind of threat would require such display of might (I almost slipped)? I think you have a pretty good idea of what, or in this case, who I’m talking about!

The Finn and Leia Connection


Repetitive patterns are part of Star Wars’ DNA. Protagonists are born in similar places, some sentences appear and reappear, and even limbs are lost.

Here comes the theory: Finn’s future is tied to Leia’s own past.

Before I start, you need to know something important: The trio of the new trilogy matches with the OG trilogy’s trio. Take Poe for example. He’s clearly the “Han archetype.” You know, the thrill-seeking member of the group. Before seeing The Force Awakens, Rey and Finn’s roles weren’t as unambiguous.

After the trailer showcased snippets of Finn and Kylo’s duel, everybody thought the ex-Stormtrooper was going to fill Luke’s shoes. We later learned in the theater that Rey was the actual heir of Skywalker. If we proceed by elimination, Finn is the Leia of this trilogy (fun detail: FN-2187 was both Finn’s designation and Leia’s cell number from Star Wars: A New Hope) and I think that his fate will be similar to hers.

In Star Wars VI, Leia learned she had a brother and she was Force-Sensitive. That is what convinces me in Star Wars IX, Finn will learn that he has a sister (Jannah, a mysterious new character), and that he is Force-Sensitive! It doesn’t mean he’ll become a Jedi, perhaps the future has different plans for him.

The True Meaning of Skywalker


Earlier, I mentioned the potential return of Anakin, and many people think the title of Star Wars IX is referirng to that hypothetical comeback. Well, perhaps it’s only half of the truth… See, it was established multiple times that Star Wars IX is supposed to bring an end to the “Skywalker Saga,” but at the same time, this movie is named “The Rise of Skywalker”

Like a famous Star Wars villain would say: “Ironic!”

So I think it’s the last time we ever hear about “Skywalker” as a family name! What if the Skywalkers become more than the descendants of Anakin? What if Rey creates a new order of Force users to oppose the Knights of Ren and names them “The Skywalkers”?!

One could argue the title is only speaking about one Skywalker, which invalidates the entire theory, but it doesn’t matter. Rey could rise as a Skywalker before creating a new order. Then, she could share her knowledge with her future trainees (Finn included, if the second theory is right) and fight Kylo, his Knights of Ren, the mysterious Sith Troopers, and their dark master.

Now sound the knell of the theory time! Did you like it? Let us know, and don’t hesitate to share your favorite theories too!

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