The Overall Effect that Social Media has on Our Perception

Social Media is a potent tool in our culture, especially when it comes to branding. And much like anything else, there are some positive effects when it comes to Social Media, social awareness, helps build relationships, and having different opinions. And there are some adverse effects on social media. Such as harassment, becoming less self-aware, becoming more reactionary, and many other things.

In this article, let’s talk about the effects social media has on movies, specifically about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and how social media has blinded people to think The Last Jedi is the most disliked movie in the franchise, but in fact, it is not.

Everyone on social media thinks more people dislike The Last Jedi more than enjoyed it, just because of social media. Well, here is the reality. More people have enjoyed The Last Jedi than those that disliked The Last Jedi. The proof is in the box office.

I know I’m going to hear the argument, ”well, box office doesn’t make it a good movie.” Fuck out of here with that excuse. I am not saying if it is a good or bad move, that is your opinion, but Boxoffice proves that the people enjoyed Last Jedi than those that disliked Last Jedi, this is a fact.

Social Media is just the minority(Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), a LOUD minority; do not let that delude your perspective of the overall population of the movie fandom. I remember reading something and hear from people that were alive in the ’80s that many people hated Empire Strikes Back, then years later, people were saying, “Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie of all time.”

My point for this rant is that people on social media are way too reactionary, and they should not represent the overall population of the movie fandom or any whole fandom for that matter. I have already heard people complain about the runtime for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, saying that, “it is too short.” first off how is that too short if two hours twenty minutes has been the longest runtime for Star Wars. People will complain about anything without any rational thought.

Thanks to social media, we got many websites saying, ”Last Jedi is the most hated Star Wars film in the franchise.” which isn’t true, and the numbers prove that. If it were the most hated, many people would not have rewatched it multiple times in the theatre and achieve a feat that only a few movies have achieved makeover one billion.

Now reading what I have to say about the matter of social media, what are your thoughts on the effect that social media has on many people? Do you agree or disagree please let me know?

Do not forget that Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker releases early December 19, 2019, and officially releases December 20, 2019, so make sure to pick up your tickets for the last movie of the Skywalker Saga.

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7 thoughts on “The Overall Effect that Social Media has on Our Perception

  1. Social media is indeed divisive when it comes to cinema releases, especially The Last Jedi. It set off some dark knee jerk reactions too We saw similar things for Batman V Superman as I recall, even Tv shows like Doctor Who series 11 and the final season of Game of Thrones bitterly split opinion. I think in time such reactions for films and tv will just make people switch off social media altogether as it simply won’t be worth the hassle. I like Star Wars. As for the Last Jedi, I don’t think it was a bad or a good movie, but it was a very, very boring movie. And that’s not something I thought I’d ever say about a Star Wars film.

    1. Sorry for the late response and I would agree to your response, “I think in time such reactions for films and tv will just make people switch off social media altogether as it simply won’t be worth the hassle.” but people love to voice their opinion are say something just go get attention that social media will never die out. At least that what I think.

      1. That’s ok, great to hear from you. Yes, I totally agree. I think the hassle of voicing any opinion can get you shot down in flames on Social Media these days. We can’t all agree, but we can agree to disagree politely. I think you are right, Social Media in its present form is making people just switch off, or it seem to be going that way now.

  2. I definitely think that social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – can be a fantastic tool to highlight film conversation and hype for an upcoming film. But too much hype, positive and negative, when over-consumed by people curious and new to social media can make those people perceive films and film hype the wrong way to the point of not allowing themselves to view a film by its own merits *for* themselves and instead parrot back “the broad perceptions and consensuses” over and over. I used to do that but that was the reason I quit Twitter in the first place. I allowed too much perception and broad consensus to cloud my way of viewing [x] film past, present and future of whatever franchise it’s from or not. But that’s my two cents.

    1. I agree with you 100%, most people on social media have a tendency to think there is only one right opinion, theirs, and that’s not healthy, and people new to social media will start to develop those habits very quickly, Hell even I do it a lot of the times, but I will say that there is some good stuff to learn about people on social media as well you just have to find the right crowd.

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