Matthew Vaughn: The Man in Hollywood Everyone’s Sleeping On

Matthew Vaughn: The Man in Hollywood Everyone’s Sleeping On

If you could pick any director to helm a comic book movie who would you choose? For me, it’s easy: Matthew Vaughn.

Vaughn is a very well-known producer/director and has been in Hollywood for quite some time. He has produced and worked on movies such as Kick-Ass, X-Men First Class, and Kingsmen. Whenever a comic book movie is announced, there’s always talk about who should direct it.

And every time: Matthew Vaughn is the one who comes to my mind.

He is an intelligent director who knows how to bring a comic book to life. Just look at Kick-Ass: every visually stunning shot feels like it came off the pages of a comic book. From the color grading, costumes, tone, and set design, Matthew Vaughn knows how to illustrate a living comic book into film but…he’s not always considered and he definitely should be. 

Marvel or DC?

marvel dcProbably the biggest question heading into this topic is Marvel or DC?

Looking at the current state, Matthew Vaughn should go with DC. Marvel Studios has its future–and its directors–already. Warner Bros plan on making more minimal character movies, including villain films, which could open a door for Vaughn. The DCEU is doing the complete opposite of the MCU. This is another huge reason why Matthew Vaughn joining forces with DC would be perfect. 

He excels at storytelling and has experience in the superhero movie business. This is the perfect opportunity for DC to snatch up a terrific storyteller/director. From the looks of it, Warner Bros wants to make character-driven solo movies. After coming off Shazam! and Joker, the DCEU plans to take the reversed direction of the MCU by making low-scale films with a light budget. Marvel Studios is making universe crossovers with an enormous amount of money to build entire cinematic worlds.

For a long time, people used to say “How can the DCEU compete with the MCU?” or “How can the DCEU make a comeback?” Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that the DCEU found its way to go toe-to-toe with the MCU, and Matthew Vaughn could help continue this miraculous comeback. 

Give Him What’s Next

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It boggles my mind no one has got a hold of him yet. Matthew Vaughn would be a great candidate to direct a Flash, Lobo, Green Lantern, or even something random like an Adam Warlock movie. Matthew Vaughn is a wizard at juggling tones in a film while still making a coherent, well-paced film. He exhibits considerable skill to make a dark-grounded movie with a dose of levity at the same time. 

Matthew Vaughn has plenty of experience working with comic book characters. With the way the DCEU is going, Matthew Vaughn could be their guy. If Warner Bros would give him creative freedom like they did with Todd Phillips and David F. Sandberg, I’m sure Matthew Vaughn would give us something truly special. 

Yes, I know Matthew Vaughn was the producer of Fantastic 4 (2015) but everyone has their bad movies and mess-ups. And, in all honesty, that wasn’t Matthew Vaughn’s fault. It was more Fox and their decisions. I would really love to see Matthew Vaughn direct a DCEU or MCU film. Wouldn’t you?


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