The CineFeels | Do Pixar Films Have a Deeper Meaning Behind Them?

The CineFeels | Do Pixar Films Have a Deeper Meaning Behind Them?

Pixar Films: We all know them and love them. Yet, do we understand there is a deeper meaning behind every one of them to which most of us can relate?

iugy-sadness_largeDisney has a way of capturing our hearts and taking us on a roller coaster of emotions.

I cried during many Pixar films. It’s clear they know what they are doing–pulling on everyone’s heartstrings.

Overall, Pixar knows the most important stories people tend to remember and  stick with them are the ones that appeal to some core truth about being alive.

I’m not talking about “being alive” in the form of just breathing. I mean feeling alive.

As in, something that makes your heart beat out of your chest, your palms soak with nervous sweat, and those butterflies in your stomach.

Pixar has become an expert in this field over the years. It doesn’t matter if they show it through the eyes of a monster, toy, clownish, or car…they all resonate back to us.

Life Lessons in Toy Animation


For example, Toy Story taught kids the importance of cooperation with one another and understanding of other people. After Woody, the protagonist, teams up with Buzz to take down Sid, the evil kid next door, he realizes being the favorite toy isn’t as important as being there for Andy.

The movie teaches us about friendship and how to care for others. It shows us passion personified the form of toys. For adults, this movie takes them back to being a kid again. Don’t you remember being young and your safety net was your toys? They were always there for you, no matter what.

As a child, you find comfort in your toys.

They never judged you or made fun of you. They were your escape from reality. Toy Story taught us that you could be in your room, but in your mind, you and Woody were in the wild wild west escaping bandits. You would go on so many adventures with one another and they would never end. 

Chicken Soup for Your Soul

Film and Television

In 2007, with the release of Ratatouille, parents and kids alike saw a great artist can come from anywhere. It seems like such an abstract idea–a rat that can cook. Who would watch a movie about that? But it works.

It shows kids that no matter where you come from or your background you can fulfill your dreams.

The theme of Ratatouille gives the audience hope at times when hope seems lost to them. There is a reassuring thought to know that you can accomplish what you wish. This film proves you can do just that.

Forget about your background for a second and drop your doubts at the door because Disney is here to let you know: “Yes, we know you are doubtful of yourself and we understand you are working hard to become who you are destined to be.”

Disney wants you to know that you will get there and not to worry about the bumps in the roads on the way. When watching this movie I get very sentimental about the fact that it’s very motivational.

These two lessons aren’t the only examples you see in Pixar films.

WALL-E-1One of my favorite Pixar films is WALL-E. This film shows us the power of love and of a corrupt society.

I believe everyone should watch this film in order to become knowledgeable on the problems that this nation is currently facing and how those problems could possibly end us.

It shows us Earth, after we have polluted and destroyed it to a inhabitable point. Disney did a great job with disguising this activist film as a child’s movie. Any parent that watches this with their child should inform him or her about recycling and helping to take care of the Earth.

inside ourThe Pixar film that I think deserved to be talked about more is a newer Pixar film, Inside Out.

This film is important for many reasons. It shows kids that you need to deal with your emotions properly, which I believe is very important.

It’s helpful for kids to learn how to deal with their emotions at such a young age. It shows everyone that are emotions need to be validated and understood as part of a child’s development.

Parents can help form deeper, more meaningful connections with their children and get to understand them better if they first accept their own emotions as well as the child.

All of these examples go to show that Pixar is a much more deeper meaningful company than most people think. They aren’t just “kids movies” they are for everyone and can help everyone in their lives.

Of course, these examples aren’t the only ones. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all of Pixar’s deeper meanings. These few were just some of the most important ones that I felt needed to be addressed first. Remember to always believe the Disney Magic!


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