Book-to-Movie Adaptations: Read, Watch, and Review

Book-to-Movie Adaptations: Read, Watch, and Review

In the world of film, there have been many book to movie adaptations. This year alone, there have been numerous books being adapted for the big screen. Each movie brings something different to the table.

What really makes a good book-to-movie adaptation?

Is it getting every last detail from the book perfect in the movie? Is it having the director put his or her own personal spin on the book? It really depends on the person creating the content and reading the book.

Everyone has their personal opinion on this subject. Let’s discuss three of the biggest book-to-movie adaptations this year has provided

‘Little Women’

little womenFor those that aren’t familiar with this classic novel, it is about four sisters and the times they share during the Civil War.

Set for a release date of December 25, this film adaptation is jam packed with Oscar-nominated actresses. From Saoirse Ronan to Meryl Streep, the cast is not a disappointment in the least.

Greta Gerwig is the director behind this take on the 1868 novel. Having a cast and crew as talented as this one raises the question: “Does it help if when taking a book to the big screen you have an award winning team doing it?”

I definitely think it doesn’t hurt the production. This is not the first time that “Little Women” has been adapted. It is only the first mainstream adaptation that is getting the most buzz.

Adapting a period piece makes it more stressful for the director to get it right. Right? This is a classic, which creates a considerable amount of work that will be rewarded. Out of all the book-to-movie films this year, I truly believe that this one will take the cake (along with a few awards).

As a moviegoer and book reader, I know you want to feel something while watching a movie or reading a book. This classic, beautiful story does just that. The Oscar buzz is just starting and it will only grow. Expect hear a lot more about this film in the upcoming award season.

‘The Sun is Also a Star’

the sun is also a starThis movie is one of the examples that are not as plausible. Watching this movie made me regret spending $9.20 on a matinee.

I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry at how terrible this film was.

The whole plot of the movie was a girl (Natasha) falling in love with a boy (Daniel) the day before her and her family were being deported. That alone can spark interest in some people, but it can also spark concern.

Like, why is she worrying about a boy at a time her family is getting deported? The two main characters in this film were Yara Shahidi from Grownish and Charles Melton from Riverdale.

The movie’s dialogue seemed like it was written by a 13-year-old fan-fiction writer, which begs the question, “Should certain film studios be producing young-adult novels into movies at this rapid rate?”

It seems like almost every month we get another take on some teenager love drama. The problem is none of the stories seem feasible. If Hollywood wants to create movies for teens, they need to consider making movies that teens will actually relate to experiencing.

Book-to-movie adaptations should be similar to the book and carry out the authors wishes. There is no need for a Hollywood twist on the story. The films are better off without a twist. 

‘IT: Chapter Two’

king it chapter twoSince Halloween just passed and this movie earned more than $450 million, it’s only fair we talk about IT.

In my humble opinion, I believe the IT movies may be the best book to movie adaptations ever made.

The horror genre has grown quickly over the years because people love being scared to the core. While this sequel’s runtime of almost three hours was long for some people, many book readers believed it was perfect.

Honestly, if the filmmakers are staying true to the books we should be getting a longer film.

There should be minimal scenes cut out from the book for the movie. I believe the IT franchise stays true to the books and the audience of Stephen King fans know it. If the franchise is making the fans happy and the studios are producing quality films, what more do you need?!

These are just some of the book-to-movie adaptations for 2019.

There are been many made this year: some good, others not so much. Make sure to see your favorite book-to-movie adaptation. Next time you’re reading a book, try and compare it to how you think the film for it would look.

If you would be able to accept the film having some book elements taken out. See if you would enjoy your favorite book to be in the hands of Hollywood. When you look at it through the eyes of an author your whole mindset changes. Try it sometime. You’ll see…and read. 


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One thought on “Book-to-Movie Adaptations: Read, Watch, and Review

  1. I enjoyed It Chapter 2, a few friends said it altered things from the book, but its honestly so long since I’ve read it that I can’t remember all of the details in the novel. I think they did a good job with the new moves though. I’m looking foward to seeing Doctor Sleep, as I really enjoyed reading that novel.

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