Spidey Shorts: Behind the Screen

Spidey Shorts: Behind the Screen

Editor’s Note: This is our first series made exclusively for MoviesMatrix’s YouTube Channel, which has launched featuring some of the great work by Diamond Spider Productions and Will Vickers

Welcome to the world, Spidey Shorts!

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It’s a stop-motion animated series featuring everyone’s favorite web slinger, Spider-Man, in an action-adventure romp that has him facing off with multiple classic villains. More importantly, the stories require him to do what Spidey does best: Team Up!

Episode One: “A Shocking Surprise!”

I sat down with the show’s creator, Logan, head of Diamond Spider Productions and Spidey Shorts‘ Peter Parker, to discuss and where we’re headed after that fun premiere.

A Spider-Man Guy 


Source: Columbia Pictures/Marvel Enterprises

Kate: Logan, you’re the creator behind Spidey Shorts. Is Spider-Man your number one “fandom?”

Logan: Yeah, that’s probably the case. I’d probably group it together with Marvel in general, though I’m also a huge fan of DC. But Spider-Man is my favorite character of all. He always has been.

Kate: Do you remember when and how you were first introduced to Spider-Man?

Logan: I honestly don’t. Tons of people have these stories of the first time they were introduced to a character, whether it’s through a cartoon or a comic, but not me. I knew of him, but the original Spider-Man movie helped me learn more about who he was. While I am a huge comic fan now, I didn’t really grow up reading them.

Kate: With Spidey Shorts, are those inspired by the book themselves, or are you diving into original territory?

Logan: Well, I’m taking a bit of inspiration from the MCU, but it’s not based on a specific comic. Though, as I’ve been writing it, I have noticed that it has a few basic similarities to the Spidey comic series – the one where I got part of the logo from – but that wasn’t intentional.

Kate: Do you have a favorite Spider-Man comic book series or run?

Logan: I haven’t read them all, but I love the ‘Ultimate’ comics. I also quite like the current Amazing Spider-Man comics, but I have only read two issues. When I tried to get the third edition at my local comic store, they were sold out and I haven’t found it since.

Man in Motion

spider man in motion
Source: Columbia Pictures/Marvel Enterprises

Kate: What inspired you to take Spider-Man into stop-motion animation? And, where did you learn the craft?

Logan: Well, when I was around nine, I went to a museum with an exhibit on animation. They had a station where you could use little paper models to make a stop-motion video and send it to yourself. I loved it so much, that I got a free stop-motion app on my phone that day and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Spidey was a natural choice for me because he has been my favorite fictional character for years. I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember, and I have been using him in stop motion ever since I learned how to do it.

Kate: Wow, since you were nine?! That’s amazing. But, have you created any other series beyond Spidey Shorts?

Logan: This is my first official series. I’ve had ideas for others, and even started working on one or two, but this is the first one I’ve actually made a full episode. I do have plans for some good stuff to come after Spidey Shorts.

Kate: Congratulations! Starting to follow through on a dream is always an amazing feeling. About how long does it take you to create an episode of Spidey Shorts?

Logan: The animation usually doesn’t take too long because it consists of short episodes — probably a few days. Sometimes, the wait depends on how soon the voice actors can deliver their recorded lines. The sooner I get audio, the sooner I can start animating, and the sooner that happens, the sooner an episode is ready.

Swinging to the Next Adventure


Kate: Well, now that Episode 1 has been a hit, and you’re getting underway on Episode 2, is there anything you want to tease about the Spidey Shorts overarching story?

Logan: The series is starting off as a relatively small-scale thing, but as it goes on, it’s gonna get a little bigger. And after this series is done, which will be in about six to seven episodes, what comes next will be a whole lot bigger. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got in store!

Kate: Okay, that is a fantastic tease! Before we go, do you have any advice for someone who is trying to follow their passion, as you are?

Logan: I’m able to do this because I saw an opportunity and took it! So, if you see an opportunity, take it! It may work out and it may not, but if you don’t take it, you might regret it.


Look for more episodes of Spidey Shorts coming soon, right here.


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