Disney Plus Finally Allows Viewers to Continue Watching

Disney Plus Finally Allows Viewers to Continue Watching

Ever since Disney+ has dropped their streaming service, the reactions have been mixed, to say the least. Technical snafus have been the norm and customers, while they are still downloading the app in droves, are getting really perturbed with the Mouse.

Within one day, Disney+ claimed more than 10 million customers, and more than half have looked for help within the app for one thing or another. From limited bandwidth to missing programs, suffice to say, the app’s introduction to the world has been less than magical.

unable to connectOne of the more notorious foibles is not being able to continue watching where you left off. In other words, you’re watching a show and have to leave. You turn off the app and guess what? You have to start all over because you can’t pick up where you stopped watching.

Seriously?! All the big boys in streaming–Hulu, Netflix, Prime–have this feature. How was this forgotten by Disney? Turns out it wasn’t…it was removed. 

Kevin Mayer, chairman of Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer and International division, said last week at the Code Media conference that developers had temporarily disabled Continue Watching and other features while engineers fixed the Disney Plus app. Mayer acknowledged that the snafus for Disney Plus out of the gate “had we to do with the way we architected the app.”

continue watching

Disney announced the app a year in advance and were probably working on it for a year prior to that. How in the technicolor hell did they forget this feature or even that more than four people at a time would be interested in downloading their services?!

Even the DC Universe app got that one right. Ah well, back to The Mandalorian…if I can find my spot in the third episode.


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