The Streaming Wars Have Begun

The Streaming Wars Have Begun

This has the been the year of streaming.

With all the new streaming services either out now or on the way, the variety of shows have become plentiful. The whole TV industry is currently trying to take down Netflix by creating their own versions of the channel.

From Apple TV+ to Amazon Prime, Hulu to HBOMax, these companies are all working to take over some of the market share currently hoarded by Netflix. As the wars are heating up and becoming more intense, the streaming service that seems to take the cake is Disney+.

What’s the Plus in Disney?


Disney+ currently has more than 10 million subscribers signed up and it only came out on November 12. HBO took nearly three years to reach that number (although they are maxing out May 2020). Netflix currently has 150 million subscribers since they started renting DVDs 22 years ago.

Disney has made its way to the top of the ladder because of a low cost and high variety of shows. It costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 a year ($5.83 per month). This is where we see a jump from Netflix to Disney+: Diversity.

Netflix has a range of streaming plans starting at $9 each month up to $16 a month. Disney+ is not only cheaper but also–where I think the reason more people are attracted to it more–is brand new. As consumers, we tend to move to the newest possible item we can find.

In the streaming wars happening now, we discover that Disney+ is actually not the cheapest. That distinction goes to Apple TV+, which is only $5 a month since November 1. Some of Apple’s analysts have predicted that within its first three years Apple TV+ should have more than 100 million subscribers.

All of these numbers are pretty impressive, but what does this mean in the war?

Where’s the Addition for Consumers?

streaming wars logos

Streaming services have created some of the biggest brands we know in entertainment today. From all corners of the Internet, you can find a streaming service for anyone.

The competition is only growing. Good news for us because as the competition grows, we can expect to see either a price drop or more content being created for our services (and our expenses).

Every service is doing the most it can to make sure they keep their subscribers and gain even more. After all, these services won’t be able to survive without us. What platforms do you help survive? Which platforms have disappointed you? The comments are open and the subscribers are everywhere. 

(They are counting on that.) 


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