EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Routh Discusses ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ with MoviesMatrix

EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Routh Discusses ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ with MoviesMatrix

When people hear “Iowa,” the images conjured up include pigs, corn, Field of Dreams, or the state of the Hawkeyes. However, if you are an attentive geek, you know there is a small, rural town called Norwalk, Iowa–all of 12,000 people– just outside of the state capital of Des Moines. This is a super city because it has yielded two superheroes:

Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry, Aquaman) and Brandon Routh (Kal-El/Clark Kent, Superman Returns & Ray Palmer/The Atom, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

And, not for nothing, but they did play on the same soccer team growing up.

Courtesy of DC Entertainment/Berlanti Productions

The Iowa Guy

The thing about an Iowa guy is he can grow up, move away, and even get famous, but he’s still always that guy at heart. And, likely (and I am not being biased), he’s a hardworking, kind-hearted, friend to every neighbor, good guy in real life.

Brandon Routh exemplifies the ‘Iowa guy.’

Last week, Brandon and his wife, Courtney Ford (who portrays Nora Darhk), were moving back to Los Angeles from Vancouver following their runs on The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Brandon and I have met before. Our radio group had an upcoming fundraiser for veterans, so I contacted him and he was kind enough to call me about his connection to vets. Separately, in this interview, we wandered through several notable topics (while he was in the car with his dad, Ron – visiting from Iowa – who was helping him move). 

The interview ended up being a comprehensive and entertaining discussion of Brandon’s career. We talked about how he got his start in the business, landing the lead in Superman Returns, and his thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow. He also shared some details on the upcoming Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths (starting December 8 on Supergirl on the CW) where he plays three different characters.

And, finally, now that LOT is behind him, what lies ahead.  

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two
Source: Katie Yu/The CW Network

The Interview

I thought about writing it all out for you, but I recently edited the interview to air on the radio for work – and it’s long-form – so I thought, “Why not let them hear everything?” That way you will get details straight from Brandon, and, a “hi” from his dad, Ron. 

In case you don’t have 15-minutes now, here’s an exchange to give you a taste:

MoviesMatrix Kate: Regarding the crossing of his characters in “Crisis”… “You probably can’t give away whether you cross or not, because that’s been a big question with fans…”

Brandon: “No, there are a few little teasers of Ray in the scene with Superman, and Ray in a scene with Clark. But, Clark, as not “in disguise” Clark. A bit confusing, but there are some cool little Easter eggs, and stuff like that happened. And people commenting on Superman looking so much like Ray, and fun little gags like that.”

Now, that’s a “tease.” Enjoy the rest below in SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts in comments or via our Twitter thread. 

Interview Copyright: Kate Garner/MoviesMatrix.com (Originally aired on DMRG, December 1, 2019) 



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