CBM Fans, Get Ready for Girl Power in 2020

CBM Fans, Get Ready for Girl Power in 2020

As we witnessed earlier this year, we apparently needed a “HER”o in Captain Marvel. In 2020, we’ll get two of them — and, much to the chagrin of 2019 “Girl Power” haters, these both look outstanding so far.

Over the weekend, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot personally introduced the world to the first trailer of Wonder Woman: 1984 at CCXP 2019 in Brazil.

As the title suggests, we are smack dab in the middle of the totally tubular, synth-heavy, and one of the best decades ever, the 1980s.

As you may have noticed, Kristen Wiig offers her first sighting of ‘Cheetah.’ And while the verdict may be still out on that casting, Chris Pine is back as ‘Steve Trevor’ and we are introduced to The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal as the mercurial ‘Max Lord.’

Coupled with the shopping malls, leg warmers, fanny packs, and Members Only swag, this trailer was well worth the wait following DC’s tumultuous no-show at Comic-Con.

(And yes, Warner Bros., you still suck for that.)

The most lovely Warrior Princess is back and better than ever. Gal Gadot broke down in tears after seeing this trailer for the first time, and after watching her ride the lightning, a few of us did the same.

Not to be overstated, but a couple of weeks prior, we got a heaping snootful of Marvel Studios’ new origin film, Black Widow.

Who knew we wanted to see this movie so badly? “We have to go back where it all started.” Good thing we do because Phase Four of the MCU is looking awesome.

Before teaming up with The Avengers (#RIP), our favorite arachnid, Natasha, belonged to another family of badasses, which includes Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), another notable assassin in the comics.

We are also treated to Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) and the overabundant operative himself, The Red Guardian (David Harbour) who literally squeezes into the film.

And before you rant — yes, that was The Taskmaster; yes, that was an underwhelming look; and yes, it will get much better.

Politely put, if a RDJ sighting as Tony Stark is the only reason why you were waiting for this trailer, you are doing it wrong.

Suffice to say, this next year is going to be full of girl power. Add to these two, Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey also lurking in the 2020 wings, everyone should be in touch with their feminine side with force!


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