The Villainous View | Three Highly Underrated MCU Scenes

The Villainous View | Three Highly Underrated MCU Scenes

After 11 years of blockbusters and masterful world building, Marvel Studios has accomplished something that’s never been done in film. With 23 movies (so far) and many more properties either under development and patiently awaiting its turn, Marvel Studios is the juggernaut of Hollywood.

Whether you are a loyal fan or not, you have to admit the MCU has delivered some of the best moments in cinema history. Yet, there are still many scenes that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Here are three of the most underrated scenes in the MCU. See if you agree or have some to add in here: 

Thor (2011) | “Loki’s Death”

Hands down, this the best scene in Thor.

Of course, infer some air quotes around ‘death’ because this is the first of many fake deaths from the mischievous Loki. I feel like this scene gets swept under the carpet mainly because of the movie it was in. Thor was a phase 1 movie and probably the most overlooked MCU movie out of the 23 films. No one really talks about it or seems to have much love for it.

The pure emotion in this scene is impeccable. Loki’s expression with his fateful words: “For you, for all of us” hits you like a freight train. All he wanted was the love and approval of his father. In the end, everything he did means nothing to him if he didn’t have his father’s love.

People wonder why Loki is so crazy and deranged in The Avengers. He essentially gave up on life and found himself floating in space. This scene is incredible and should be up there with one of the most emotional MCU scenes in the annals of the Infinity Saga.  

Iron Man 3 (2013) | “Barrel Of Monkeys”

To many, Iron Man 3 is considered to be one of the worst entries of the MCU. Don’t call me crazy, but Iron Man 3 has one of the best MCU scenes ever developed. In the closing events of the second act of Iron Man 3, this spectacular scene between Tony and Steve takes place and has created the standard of heroic conversation and debate.

With 13 civilians falling from the sky after the plane incident, Tony Stark pulls off one of the most heroic moments in the MCU. from the score to the cinematography, Robert Downey’s performance exemplifies why this scene deserves so much respect.  

Probably my favorite thing about this scene is the stakes. They are powerful and tangible. You can actually feel them. Think about it: there are 13 people’s lives at stake and it’s all on Iron Man. 

Every step of the way down, J.A.R.V.I.S is in Tony’s ear counting down their current elevation. Each second it goes from 10,000 feet, then 6,000 feet, and finally to 2,000 feet. With less than 100 feet until sea level (and pending death), things change — just in time.

This scene captivates you to the edge of your seat and eyes glued to the screen. If you ask me, this is one of the best scenes in the MCU. It’s a scene full of stakes and perfectly captures the evolution of Tony Stark and how far he has come.

The Avengers (2012) | “Tony’s and Steve’s Debate”

Probably my favorite interaction in the MCU is the debate between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers towards the end of the first act of Avengers.

This may seem like a very small scene to some but to me, it’s of the biggest Marvel has done. The exchange of dialogue between Tony and Steve is remarkable. You feel the tension between the two as both actors do a hell of a job executing the script.

Looking back on this scene is great and shows how both characters essentially proved each other wrong. “You’re not the type of guy to make the sacrifice play.” If this isn’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

Avengers: Endgame reveals how both of them proved each other wrong. Tony sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos and Steve proved the Super Soldier serum isn’t what makes him great, but his heart.

Many people forget they were all under the influence of the mind stone of Loki’s scepter. It’s not just Tony and Steve arguing. Thor is making harsh statements about humans. Fury is reminding Stark that he made his money selling weapons, Banner is upset that there was a plan to cage him if he lost control. It’s one big clash of ideologies, egos, and–in the words of Thor–pettiness. 

Truly, an incomparable scene.


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