The Fancasting Room | Three Actors Ready For Some Voodoo

The Fancasting Room | Three Actors Ready For Some Voodoo

Recently, a rumor started making the rounds that Brother Voodoo would be making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the Sorcerer Supreme’s upcoming sequel, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness.

He isn’t the first character to be rumored for the sequel; in fact, he’s the second. The other new Marvel character in the past week to be rumored to have their debut in the sequel is America Chavez aka Miss America is also rumored to appear.

(Check her MoviesMatrix Fancast here)

Who is Brother Voodoo?

Source: Marvel Comics (‘Strange Tales,’ 1973)

Born in Haiti, Jericho Drumm traveled to the United States and became an accredited psychologist. After 12 years in the United States, Drumm returned home to discover that his twin brother Daniel is dying from an attack of a Voodoo sorcerer. Before dying, Jericho’s brother makes him vow to seek out his mentor, Papa Jambo, which Jericho does becoming Jambo’s student.

After weeks of studying and training under Jambo, Jericho gains a better mastery of Voodoo than his deceased brother. Papa Jambo then summons Daniels spirit and merges it with Jericho’s, afterward Jambo dies after declaring Jericho to be a worthy successor. Adopting the moniker, Brother Voodoo, he defeats the Voodoo sorcerer that killed his brother and becomes the champion and “Houngan Supreme” of Haiti.

With his voodoo and mystical background, Brother Voodoo seems like a natural character to introduce into the world of Stephen Strange. As of now, details of how the character will be introduced and incorporated into the film are scarce and it’s important to note that this rumor is still just a rumor as it has not been confirmed by Marvel at this time.

Regardless of it being just a rumor, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and Fancast the role! So without further ado, here are three actors perfect for the role of Brother Voodoo!

Omar Sy

Source: 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment

While not a household name, Omar Sy, originally from France, is certainly an actor audiences should recognize. A large portion of his acting credits are all French foreign language films, which means the chances are high much of his filmography hasn’t been seen by American audiences.

However, he has been in some more notable films American audiences surely saw, such as Jurassic World, the Bradley Cooper-led Burnt, and the ‘threequel’ of the Da Vinci Code film series, Inferno.

Most importantly, Sy has comic book movie experience playing Bishop in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He has the right look, the acting ability, and the comic book film experience to crush this role. Landing a recurring role in the biggest film franchise in the world would surely do wonders for Sy’s career and make him more well-known to audiences around the world.

Edi Gathegi

Source: 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment

Edi Gathegi is another lesser-known actor, but also one that audiences should have no trouble recognizing. He has a diverse resume of film credits with roles in films like Crank opposite Jason Statham, My Bloody Valentine, and perhaps most notably, Twilight and Twilight: New Moon as the vampire Laurent. Like Sy, Gathegi also comes equipped with comic book movie experience…and in the form of X-Men.

Gathegi had a starring in role the first of the X-Men reboot-ish/prequel films, X-Men: First Class. He played the mutant Armando Munez/Darwin in that film and despite his character being (spoiler)…killed off relatively early on, Gathegi was very good in the role.

With the right look, his acting chops, and experience in the comic book movie genre, Gathegi could definitely tackle the role of Brother Voodoo and make his mark on the MCU.

Mustafa Shakir

Source: ABC Television Studios/Marvel Entertainment

Mustafa Shakir may be the best candidate for the role of Brother Voodoo. The actor has publicly lobbied himself for the roles of other comic book characters such as Blade and Spawn, but with Mahershala Ali already signed on to play the Daywalker and little to no movement being made on the Spawn reboot, Brother Voodoo would be a perfect alternative.

While Shakir’s film credits are somewhat limited with his most notable film credit being his supporting role opposite Vince Vaughn in Brawl in Cell Block 99, its Shakir’s role in Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage that stands out the most.

Yes that’s right, Shakir also has experience playing comic book characters as he portrayed the villain Bushmaster in Season 2 of Luke Cage. He was widely seen as the stand-out performer of that season, giving audiences an intimidating and emotionally layered villainous performance.

Now that it appears Netflix’s Defenders isn’t going to be canon to the MCU, that opens it up for Shakir to take on a different role in the Marvel universe. Like the other actors on this list, Shakir definitely has the right look and the acting chops to give us a great Brother Voodoo. His existing working relationship with Marvel doesn’t hurt his chances either.


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